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VN promotes digital creativity, green and sustainable growth

Vietnam is making important shifts from telecommunications infrastructure to digital infrastructure, from communications infrastructure to digital economy infrastructure, and from information technology to digital technology.

Vietnamese digital technology businesses encouraged to penetrate foreign markets

The update was given at the regular press conference organised by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on Monday.

Nha Toi Quan aspires to be global IT service developer

Ten years ago, at Nha Toi Quan (My Home Restaurant), a restaurant in Hanoi, five IT engineers gathered together and talked about plans to set themselves up in business.

Ministry urges Vietnamese tech firms to enter int'l market

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and experts all agree that Vietnam’s digital technology firms have great opportunities and favorable conditions to go global.

Opportunities for digital technology businesses to go global

Investment in the fields of high technology, services, industrial production and industries with modern technical content is increasing significantly.

Digital technology, internet innovating journalism

Digital technology, the internet and social media are strong incentives to innovate journalism and the main source of revenue for journalism will come from cyberspace.

Make in Vietnam apps can help solve pressing national problems

A video analysis platform satisfies supervision demand. Digital technology helps settle the problem of transport vehicles with excess weight.

Digital technology solution to fight smuggled, counterfeit goods

The application of digital technology into the process of buying and selling goods is believed to become a "lifesaver" for Vietnamese businesses in the fight against smuggling, trade fraud, production and trading of counterfeit and substandard goods.

Many university students are unprepared for the workforce

Once again, the news of Vietnamese university graduates unable to meet the requirements set by employers has been put into discussion amid efforts to find reasonable policies to improve higher education quality.

Vietnam prepares workforce in blockchain to grasp multi-billion dollar chance

The blockchain industry has been increasing with two-digit growth rates over the last decade. Staff will be the key to the development of the digital economy.

‘Make in Vietnam’ needs better preparation, resources to become a success

Building and implementing the national program on heightening independence and self-reliance of Vietnam’s production by 2045 is an important policy at making the nation develop sustainably in the era of international integration.

Vietnam wants to expand digital technology to international markets

Going abroad to compete, conquer, and increase revenues is now one priority of all Vietnamese telecoms, digital technology enterprises.

Collecting fees from readers: the path ahead is still challenging

Many newspapers' earnings are on the decrease. Creating sources of revenue from digital platforms is expected to be the solution for Vietnam’s press.

Digital technology to be used to preserve Vietnam's folk literature works

The Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has decided to approve a project on preserving and upholding the value of folk literature of ethnic minorities till 2030.

MIC calls on agencies, public to help clean up cyberspace

Experts say that people of all backgrounds in society should work to help clean up cyberspace and repel growing online fraud.

Vietnamese digital technology industry's revenue estimated at $148 billion in 2022

A national forum on the development of digital technology enterprises (Make in Vietnam Forum 2022), one of the biggest annual events of Vietnam’s digital technology industry, was held in Hanoi on December 8.

Businesses using digital technology recover more quickly after crisis: experts

Businesses using digital technology have been more resilient during the economic crisis, while businesses without digital technology recover slowly, said Nguyen Trong Duong from MIC at the 2023 economic forum held by VCCI recently.

Vietnam cements position in the world’s software industry

Vietnam has established a foothold in the world’s software industry, Truong Gia Binh, chairman of the founding council of the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa), said.

Post-pandemic recovery: new choices

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused businesses to realize the importance of adaptation, technology and renovation.

Vietnam’s Law on Digital Technology Industry needs legal framework for sandbox, digital assets

The Ministry of Information and Communications has proposed developing a Law on Digital Technology Industry with new content.