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Vietnam’s digital technology firms have great opportunities and favorable conditions to go global (Photo: N. Phuong)

MIC organized a second conference on global digital cooperation on March 26 as part of the program on supporting digital firms initiated by the ministry in February 2023.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that if domestic technology firms don’t go global, Vietnam will never become a high-income country.

The head of the ministry called on technology firms to enter the world market with a Vietnamese method and way, promising that the ministry and state agencies would accompany technology firms on their path to the world.

MIC Deputy Minister Phan Tam said, together with the global digital economy and society, Vietnam’s digital firms have favorable conditions to expand markets and cooperation. 

Dang Khanh Linh from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that other countries offer attractive policies to stimulate investment in technology, promote digital cooperation and upgrade relations with partners. Many countries, including India, now have high demand for a technology workforce. 

Eunjung Han from EuroCham said the EU will increase support for digital transformation. The proposal on ‘Digital Europe’ program, expected to last until 2027, is an example. Digital Europe provides strategic funding and supports projects in five main areas, including supercomputing, AI, cybersecurity, and advanced digital skills, to ensure widespread use of digital technologies.

Chief Representative of JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) in Vietnam Takeo Nakajima said many Vietnamese technology firms have entered the Japanese market. FPT is a typical success.

The Japanese government doesn’t provide support in finance and tax to attract foreign companies, but it offers soft support such as activities related to business registration, business connections, consultancy on business models, and R&D (research and development) programs.

MIC said the information provided by agencies and institutions at the event would help Vietnam’s digital firms consider opportunities and draw up business strategies.

A report found that 1,500 Vietnamese digital firms had revenue from foreign markets by the end of 2023, an increase of 7 percent compared with 2022. The total revenue from foreign markets reached $7.5 billion, up 4 percent.

According to the Foreign Investment Agency, of 200 outward investment projects in the ICT industry, the larger telecom projects are located in Africa, while smaller IT projects are in Singapore, the US and Japan.

Trong Dat