Update news digitalization

Many traders at HCM City's Ben Thanh Market have started to sell online as the number of customers has sharply decreased due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Exploitable security plagues digitalisation

Disruptive technologies spur the evolution in the financial landscape, with comprehensive applications providing convenient access to customers’ banking needs.

Local banks are racing to catch digitisation trend: expert

Vietnam has seen a digital wave in the finance-banking industry, with many lenders investing significantly in digitisation, experts have said.


For a greater bounty

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong speaks about the efforts made towards digitalization in the agriculture sector of Vietnam.

Vietnam’s state firms trail behind in digitalization process

From the state firms’ perspective with the priority of ensuring no loss to state capital, investments in innovation pose high risks due to its uncertain nature, which could translate into successes into the long term or not.

What does Vietnam need for digital transformation?

‘Digital transformation’ entails digitizing business activities to generate data which could be used for specific business purposes and corporate governance.

The digital economy: slow progress among Vietnam’s businesses

VietNamNet Bridge - The government has taken serious steps to help the national economy catch up with the 4.0 industry revolution. However, the digitalization of Vietnam’s enterprises is going slowly.

Positive signs from Vietnam’s banks as credit ranking rises

The world’s leading credit rating firms have ranked Vietnamese commercial banks at higher positions this year, reflecting the success of monetary policy and efforts made by commercial banks.

Banks need hundreds of million of dollars for digitalization

Vietnamese bankers have all announced that they will digitalize banking transactions, but only a few banks have kicked off the process.

Scientists take first step to digitize Vietnamese knowledge system

VietNamNet Bridge - The Prime Minister has approved a project on developing a digitized system which systematizes, stores and disseminates Vietnamese knowledge in many fields.

4K TVs in Vietnam becoming cheaper

VietNamNet Bridge - Three years ago, a 4K 42-inch TV cost VND300 million, but now sells for VND12 million.

TV digitalization – a costly revolution

TV enterprises would have to spend several trillions of dong to buy new machines to broadcast TV programs in new technology, while people would have to pay VND9,100 billion to buy set top boxes to watch terrestrial digital TV.