VietNamNet Bridge - Located on the campus of Ba Vi National Park, 65 km from Hanoi to the west, Tan mountain is an ideal destination for those who like to discover new landscapes. 


Tan Mountain

In winter days, Saint Tan Vien – Son Tinh eternally reigns, and the sacred gods of Immortals Quartet of folk beliefs in Vietnam are here. 

Immerse yourself in the mystical and poetic landscape of mountains in Doai area. 

It is compared to the mythical Mount Olympus in Greece – the reign of Zeus.

Tan Vien mountain is 1,281 meters high. 

The journey from foothills to the Thuong temple undergoes 12 km of mountain road. 

If you use a motorbike, it takes 30 minutes.

Crossing winding paths, with many dangerous bends and the cold of mountains year round, the rider must be very careful dealing with unexpected twists.

On the winding mountainous paths, you will see one side of the dense forest with untouched ecosystem, another side a vast space with white clouds and trees.


The way to Tan Mountain

When a cloud passes, travelers stop to enjoy the landscape and feel the coldness of water droplets from clouds slowly flying over.

The Thuong Temple has unique architecture, leaning against the mountains. 

The palace is the sacred That Co Bong cliff from thousands of years ago, where the ancient green cypress of 100 years old lives. 

Moss-tinged foliage covers the temple like the sky pillar in the legend. 

Although the temple is not extensive, it is mysterious and has spiritual depth.

The path to Thuong Temple

The gate of Thuong Temple

Thuong Temple

A thousand-year-old tree on Mount Tan


Tham vung “Nui To” nuoc Nam Ba Vi (Ha Noi) - Anh 3

Inside the Thuong Temple

The 26.9m Bao Thien Tower on the mountain top

The temple of President Ho Chi Minh

Inside the temple

Compiled by Pha Le