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VietNamNet Bridge - It is Jack Ma, not Vietnamese firms, who has been reaching every corner of  Vietnamese craft villages and inviting them to join his online trading floors. Why?

What are the graduation requirements for PhD students in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - The training method for doctoral students "does not resemble any other country in the world’, which has produced low-quality theses and ‘tien si giay’ (paper PhDs), as called by Vietnamese. 

No investment channel can bring positive profit: economist

VietNamNet Bridge - The asset bubble due to massive capital inflow has brought disadvantages to Vietnam economy over the last decade, according to Dr Huynh The Du, director of the Fulbright Economics Teaching Program (FETP).

Messages with suspicious links threaten Skype users in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - A type of virus that has spread odd links on Microsoft’s Skype, a messaging app, can only be identified by some anti-virus software.

SE Asia’s largest mining area suffers from water shortage

VietNamNet Bridge - People in Ha Tinh province, which has South East Asia’s largest iron ore mine, have not see the benefits from mining as promised. Meanwhile, they are experiencing tough days because of the lack of water.

Vietnam's high street fashion market heating up

VietNamNet Bridge - By 2017, Vietnamese branded goods market may reach $2.7 billion in value, according to Euromonitor International.

Four Asian conglomerates dominate business landscape in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - The four Asian giants predicted to be able to change the face of some industries and economic branches in Vietnam include CJ Group (South Korea), Ayala (the Philippines), SCG (Thailand) and Central Group (Thailand).

Why do Vietnamese set up businesses in other countries?

Many Vietnamese businessmen decide to register their businesses in other countries because they hope they can get more transparent information, have better opportunities to access investors, and have good brands they can market. 

PhD inflation in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - Many PhD dissertations are seen as ‘useless’ and ‘nonsensical’. Why does Vietnam have too many PhDs?

Vietnam's conglomerates prepare next-generation leaders

VietNamNet Bridge - The managers and the ‘souls’ of many large conglomerates are getting older. Who will be their successors?

Unlicensed hydropower plant being built in mountainous area

VietNamNet Bridge - Another unlicensed hydropower work is under construction, reporters have found.

Vietnamese small auto market brings big profits to car manufacturers

VietNamNet Bridge - Automobile manufacturers complain that the Vietnamese market is too small, but they continue to make profits on the small market.

Investment funds pour money into private equity

VietNamNet Bridge - Private equity is an attractive investment in investors’ portfolio, but in many cases, investors may feel disappointed about the profits.

Preschool education program fails

The goals of the preschool education development program proved to be unattainable. Preschool classes remain overloaded, while teachers’ incomes are not high enough to cover their basic needs.

Animal feed manufacturers run a 3F race

Masan Group created a tripodal position in the 3F (feed, farm, food) race soon after Anco, where Masan holds a 70 percent stake, becoming the strategic shareholder of Vissan, the nation’s leading food supplier.

Chinese, Thai manufacturers eye Vietnamese tire market

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese tire manufacturers now can benefit from a drop in natural rubber prices but they have to compete fiercely with Chinese and Thai colleagues.

What do investors want when buying a stake in an equitized enterprise?

VietNamNet Bridge - Investors are less interestedin enterprises' strong brandsor valuable machines and equipment, but instead large land plots in advantageous positions. 

Money flowing again to private hospitals

VietNamNet Bridge - The total spending on healthcare services by the Vietnamese people accounts for 5.8 percent of GDP, the highest level in ASEAN countries.

‘Locals drink local beer’ viewpoint hinders economic development: experts

VietNamNet Bridge - “Vietnam has 64 independent economies, including 63 local economies and one central economy,” commented Tran Dinh Thien, head of the Vietnam Economics Institute.

Silk market: old brands seek new technologies

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnamese businesspeople dream of reviving traditional silk weaving, and In order to do this, they need to find suitable modern technologies.