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Update news dollar price

The dollar price has decreased since the second half of March, with the dong/dollar exchange rate in the interbank market falling to VND23,200 per dollar last week.

The VND appreciates despite unfavorable conditions

The dollar price has decreased significantly from VND23,500 per dollar to VND23,300, though current factors are not supporting the exchange rate. This could be a great opportunity for Vietnam’s enterprises.

Weaker VND expected to affect FDI in 2020

The VND is predicted to lose 1.2 percent of its value in 2020, which will put Vietnam at a disadvantage in attracting FDI.

Why has the US dollar price escalated?

The US dollar price has been increasing sharply over the last two weeks. 

Vietnam central bank fighting against dollarization

The level of dollarization of an economy is based on the ratio of foreign currency deposits to total money supply (M2), or total deposits; and the ratio of outstanding foreign currency loans to M2, or total outstanding loans.

Foreign capital flow keeps heading for Vietnam

More and more capital has been flowing to Vietnam, having a direct impact on the dong/dollar exchange rate.


USD appreciation feared to rouse inflation

VietNamNet Bridge - The silence of the forex market in 2017 has been broken as the USD appreciated right after the Tet holiday.

FED raise puts pressure on exchange rate

Exchange rates were forecast to rise slightly in the coming years as the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) fixed interest rates for mobilised deposits at 0 per cent, following the FED’s plan to raise the USD interest rate three times in 2018.

Which investment channel can bring the highest profit?

Bank deposit interest rates are on the rise. The VN Index has surpassed the 700 point threshold. The real estate market is warming up. Meanwhile, gold and dollar prices are unpredictable.

New US visa policy worries Vietnamese travelers

VietNamNet Bridge - The new US visa policy will have adverse effects on Vietnamese students and travelers who want to go to the US, experts have warned.

How did money breed money in 2016?

The heavy gold price fluctuations in 2016 allowed gold investors to make a profit of 17 percent just within three months, while investments in V-30 securities brought profit of 26 percent.

VND/USD exchange rate remains relatively stable in 2016

VietNamNet Bridge - The dong/dollar exchange rate remained stable for most of 2016 thanks to important government and State Bank policies, and resources of the national economy.

What will investors' profits be in 2016?

VietNamNet Bridge - Of the five most popular investment channels, the real estate sector brings the most satisfactory profits as investors not only can expect profits from price increases, but also from property leasing.

Foreign exchange market: bumpy ride in next few months

VietNamNet Bridge - The dong/dollar exchange rate unexpectedly fluctuated in late October with the official rate quoted on October 29 at VND22,045 per dollar, an increase of VND26 per dollar compared with one week before and VND96 with September. 

Exchange market peaceful, stable exchange rate beneficial to economy

VietNamNet Bridge - The exchange market has been more peaceful than ever in the last 10 months with excess liquidity, stable exchange rates and record-high foreign exchange reserves.

Investors uncertain about investment channels in 2016

The price of gold is now at a 6-year low, and is expected to continue to decrease. The real estate market has recovered, but risks exist, while the shock to the stock market in 2015 caused by the Chinese yuan depreciation remains a concern

Investors delay projects as investment channels remain unattractive

VietNamNet Bridge - If capital outflow returns to Vietnam in 2016 thanks to global integration effects, the Vietnamese stock market may become more attractive than last year.

Zero percent interest rate could lead to bleeding of dollars

Analysts have warned that the kieu hoi flow (overseas remittance) to Vietnam would slow, while Vietnamese may deposit dollars at Laos banks instead of Vietnamese as a result of the State Bank’s zero-percent interest rate policy.

Businesses dealt a blow because of dollar speculation

The dollar price has cooled down after climbing when the State Bank announced the dong devaluation of one percent in August, having dealt a blow to businesses which hoarded dollars in anticipation of a continued dollar price hike.

Banks, businesses sell dollars, forex market cools down

Banks and businesses have begun selling dollars after an urgent meeting with SBV which affirmed that it would not adjust the dong/dollar exchange rate until the end of the year, and it would sell dollars to intervene in the market when necessary.