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Businesses must rely on data to compete with rivals

Tran Tinh Minh Triet, solution director of SAP Vietnam, has emphasized the need for business data amid the era of digital transformation.

What is the most popular e-wallet in Vietnam?

A report by Decision Lab shows important information about the Vietnamese e-wallet market. Unicorn MoMo is leading in terms of popularity.

Pirated games flood the market as discounts are slashed on app stores

With app stores’ decisions to reduce discounts and support from payment service providers such as credit cards and e-wallets (MoMo), pirated games of international distributors, especially Chinese games, can easily enter Vietnam.

E-wallet market in Vietnam estimated to reach 50 million users by 2024

The modern e-wallet market in Viet Nam is surging and is expected to reach 50 million active users by July 2024, experts said.

Nearly 60% of digital consumers in Vietnam use fintech solutions

Vietnam is a top market in adopting new technologies, in which 58% of digital consumers have used online banking solutions, e-wallets, money transfer applications, and digital banking.

Non-cash payments to change status of digital economy

From Q1 2021 to Q1 2022, the number of online transactions in Vietnam increased twofold, and transaction value increased by three times. These are important factors that help develop the digital economy.

E-wallets: new competition emerges amid pandemic

Scanning a code to pay for products and services has become popular among consumers in Vietnam’s big cities. Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, non-cash payments have been growing rapidly.

“Super apps”: aspiration of Southeast Asian businesses

Southeast Asian companies are in the race to develop their own super apps. Some Internet businesses are expanding beyond their core businesses to offer services such as on-demand transportation, food delivery and telemedicine.

E-wallets need 'sandbox' to boom

There are about 40 e-wallets for 97 million people. Vietnam, a market with nearly 100 million people, a part of the Southeast Asian market with 700 million people and dominated by cash payments, is attractive to big players.


SBV combats illegal gambling and betting activities through e-wallets

The State Bank of Vietnam is intensifying investigations to fight against illegal gamblings via e-wallets, following recent media reports covering allegations related to MoMo's e-wallet.

Revenue, number of users of e-wallets double

Over the past two years, the pandemic has had a strong impact on digital transformation in general and cashless payments in particular.

Revenue, number of users of e-wallets double

Over the past two years, the pandemic has had a strong impact on digital transformation in general and cashless payments in particular.

Vietnam sees boom in e-wallet market

Vietnam records one of the highest e-payment growth rates in the world, about 35% per year.

E-wallet, QR Code favored by Vietnamese

Forms of digital payment have become more popular in Vietnam, particularly e-wallets and QR codes.

Fintechs to partner with telecom carriers to offer Mobile Money

The pilot program on providing the Mobile Money service is expected to increase non-cash transactions, especially in remote areas. To improve users' experience, fintechs should work with network operators, experts say.

Mobile Money to increase pressure on banks

The payment market is expected to see big changes with the appearance of Mobile Money.

E-wallets losing money as customers switch brands frequently

People are installing up to 10 e-wallets on their smartphones, but are only using them during sale promotion programs.

Payment with QR Code increasingly popular in Vietnam

Vietnamese are making more payments with QR Code thanks to its utility, security and promotion programs launched by service providers.

E-wallet firms battle for slice of cashless payment pie

E-wallets firms are battling for a piece of the cashless payment market amid rapid growth in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

E-wallet providers ask to extend deadline of verification

 E-wallet service providers want to extend the deadline for users to complete identity verification.