Biển Đông khả năng đón bão trong 3 ngày tới

The first storm in 2021 in the East Sea is expected soon. Illustrative image 


According to the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF), the tropical depression in southeastern Philippines has strengthened into a storm, the first of 2021 on the Pacific Ocean. The storm name is Dujuan.

Before entering the East Sea, Dujuan may reach level 9-10, but after passing the Philippines, it may weaken to level 7-8 when it enters the East Sea.

After entering the East Sea, the storm is forecasted to move towards the Hoang Sa Archipelago (Paracel Islands) and gradually weaken. The impact of this storm may be strong winds of level 7-8 and thunderstorms, which could affect vessels in the East Sea.

The storm is likely to weaken and dissolve in the East Sea, so it is unlikely to affect the mainland.

Huong Quynh

Vietnam improves weather forecasting capacity

Vietnam improves weather forecasting capacity

Vietnam has made progress in weather prediction, extending the typhoon and tropical depression forecasting and warning to between three and five days, according to the Vietnam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration.