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Vietnam to have 12 ecosystems with revenue of 100 billion USD: McKinsey

Twelve large ecosystems will be established across retail and institutional services in Vietnam by 2025, constituting a revenue pool of about 2.4 trillion VND (100 billion USD).

Central Highlands targets 49.2 percent in forest coverage in 2030

The Central Highlands region aims to raise its forest coverage to 49.2 percent, and forest area to 2.72 million hectares by 2030.

Ecosystem off Cham Islands recovers after COVID-19

Less tourism activities and waste around the Cham Islands – a world biodiversity reserve site – would help the marine ecosystem in waters off the islands recover after the two-month social distancing order due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Promoting cashless payments to boost internet economy in Vietnam

Cashless payments would not only increase of the circulation of capital, it would also help boost the internet economy, said Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam.


Vietnam startups receive US$750 million in funding in Jan – Oct

The growth in investment size in Vietnamese startups over the past few years makes the target of having tech unicorns right in Vietnam feasible, Chu Ngoc Anh, minister of Science and Technology stressed.

Experts discuss draft report on ecosystem assessment

Vietnam’s ecosystems are in a strong decline and are threatened with losing their basic functions, experts said at a two-day conference that ended on Thursday in Hanoi.

Social enterprises in Vietnam in need of an ecosystem: expert

Vietnam has witnessed the rise of companies which place social impacts over financial gains. However, The awareness of the Government and community about social enterprise remains limited.

Is Vietnam’s startup ecosystem ready to feed unicorns?

The success of startups depends on the support of the community so they can grow and become unicorns.

The time is right for fintech firms

A typical characteristic of the 4.0 industry revolution is the faster diffusion and larger coverage of new technologies, as well as the higher speed in realizing innovative ideas.

Foreign investment funds optimistic about startup potential

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam has no startups with value of $1 billion and higher (called unicorns), but foreign investment funds are optimistic about the future.

Food delivery service market heats up

VietNamNet Bridge - The online food ordering market is estimated to have value of $38 million by 2020. However, though the market is vast, it is not easy to squeeze into it.

Too many barriers stifle startups

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts say that the ecosystem for startups is not well organized to give substantial support to entrepreneurs.

Empowered by foreign capital, e-wallets flourish

VietNamNet Bridge - With the increasing popularity of e-wallets, more foreign money is being poured into the business field. 

Which way for e-wallets – ecosystems or payment instruments?

E-wallets have been changing, struggling to exist among stiff competition. No e-wallet dominates the market, with many of them designed to serve specific ecosystems targeted by investors.

Scientist suggests creating artificial reef to restore marine ecosystem

To rehabilitate the aquatic resources in the central provinces, it would be better to create artificial reefs as ‘houses’ for creatures.

Proposed Vinh Son 2 hydropower project causes public controversy

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists, Gia Lai provincial authorities, local residents and managers of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve oppose the project on building a hydropower plant in the sanctuary.  

Road building threatening special-use forests

VietNamNet Bridge - Following hydropower plants and water reservoirs, road projects now threaten natural sanctuaries and special-use forests (SUF).

Local authorities vow to build road that ‘pokes at the heart of Con Dao Island’

VietNamNet Bridge - A road, which would ‘poke at the heart of Con Dao Island’, which faced strong opposition from the public 10 years ago, is about to be built.

Green IPs praised, but still unrealistic for Vietnam, experts say

VietNamNet Bridge - Though experts and policy makers all admit the great advantages of ecological industrial zones (eco IP or EIP), they think such IZs cannot be developed in Vietnam at this time.

Holothurians die en masse after China illegally builds artificial island

VietNamNet Bridge - China’s construction of artificial islands on the East Sea have seriously affected Vietnam’s ecosystems and sea organisms.