Images of the incident were captured from a video clip circulating on social media.

The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has deemed the recent incident at Văn Phú Secondary School in Tuyên Quang involving students' violent actions against a teacher as a matter of great severity.

The teacher in Tuyên Quang was locked inside a classroom and subjected to acts of violence by her students, such as having shoes thrown at her face.

The incident, shared by many on social media, has sparked conversation, and yesterday morning, the MOET issued a letter requesting the Provincial People's Committee of Tuyên Quang to continue the investigation of the incident.

According to the MOET, if found guilty, strict measures will be taken against individuals and groups involved, including teachers, students, educational institutions, educational facility leadership, district education management units, and other relevant individuals and entities, by the severity of their violations.

The MOET has also directed the Department of Education and Training in Tuyên Quang to reflect on the incident, focus on enhancing teacher management and evaluation, build a qualified teaching staff, strengthen school discipline and school culture, educate students on values and ethics, and lifestyle, conduct regular checks and supervision of implementation at educational institutions and closely coordinate with students' families and relevant agencies and organisations in managing and educating students.

The MOET has requested that Tuyên Quang Province announce the results to the Ministry before December 29.

According to the report from the People's Committee of Sơn Dương District (Tuyên Quang), the conflict between the teacher and students originated from disagreements during the class.

The incident occurred at 10.30 am on November 29 at Văn Phú Secondary School during a music class taught by teacher P.T.H. (born in 1985).

During that time, noticing some students were still outside the classroom despite recess being over, the teacher reminded them to enter, which some students reacted negatively to.

In class, some students asked to leave, but the teacher refused. Subsequently, there were misunderstandings between the teacher and students during the lesson.

However, after the class ended, some students from class 7C engaged in inappropriate speech and behaviour towards the teacher, using offensive language while recording videos of the incident and posting them on social networks.

The school convened a meeting with all teachers and parents of students from classes 7C and 6A, disseminating information to parents to collaborate with the school in educating students on morals to prevent incidents like the one mentioned above.

According to the People's Committee of Sơn Dương District, the incident is currently under investigation by the police, and relevant authorities are cooperating with the school to examine and clarify the situation for a comprehensive resolution.

Following the resolution, disciplinary actions will be taken against individuals and groups involved in the incident. Once finalised, the People's Committee of Sơn Dương District will report to the Provincial People's Committee and other relevant agencies as stipulated. VNS