For 14 years, Linh has spent time to recycle waste into new things. Many people make fun of him when seeing him collecting old household-use items, but they are then surprised when seeing the items turned into useful things.




Nguyen Hong Linh and his TV antenna



When he retired, he was invited by local authorities to do some community works, but he refused the invitation, saying that he wanted to spend time on his passion and family.

He recycles old and broken household items into new tables and chairs. Recently, he made a TV antenna that allows viewing many TV channels at high definition.

“We have two TVs at home. One of them uses VTV cable (pay TV), in the bedroom. Another uses the antenna I created, in the living room,” he said.

The special thing was created within five hours. And the material is from a stainless steel clothes hanger that people had thrown away.

Linh also created a table lamp containing a phone charger, wifi generator, thermometer and pen holder. The special table lamp, made over four years, helps make his desk tidy.

However, the recycled item that Linh is most proud of is the wooden swing in the living room.

The material used to make the swing was an old bed from his daughter’s house. When the daughter changed furnishings, he brought the old bed home because the wood was good.

After many days of thoughts, he came up with the idea of making a swing for his grandchildren. At first, he drew the swing as he imagined, and then chose materials and set to work.

He used two large wooden boards to make a seat and backrest and used four bars to make pillars. The armrests were from an office swivel chair. The only thing he bought was two steel chains.

Linh also made a water tank puller made of a wheeled suitcase. “Every time I need to clean the floor, I put the tank of water on the puller and move it to everywhere I want, and I don’t have to carry it,” he explained.

He said he picks up discarded things for recycling because he wants to help reduce the volume of waste in the environment.

“I need several hours to several days to make something. The longest time I needed was four years. Everything has its own value, even if it is old or broken,” he said. 

Vu Diep

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