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‘Forest school’ helps spread love for nature

Vietnam is home to a primeval forest described as a “big school” that has helped spread the love for nature for the past nearly six decades.

Vietnam’s largest waste-to-power plant to become operational soon

A plant to generate electricity from waste in Hanoi, with a capacity of handling 4,000 tonnes of solid refuse daily, is expected to become operational by the end of this month.

More electric fencing built to prevent elephant intrusions in Dong Nai

Dong Nai Province is building more electric fences to prevent wild elephants from entering residential areas.

Strong commitment needed for sustainable development of planet: Minister

Vietnam’s commitment at COP26 was appreciated by leaders of countries and big corporations around the world.

HCMC records lowest temperature since beginning of 2021

Deputy Head of the Forecasting Division of the Hydro-meteorological Station in the Southern Region Le Dinh Quyet informed that HCMC recorded the lowest temperature of 22oC in the early morning of December 4 since the beginning of the year.

Meta Platforms sets up climate science centre in Vietnam

Meta Platforms Inc. (formerly Facebook Inc.) has announced the establishment of climate science centres (CSCs) in Vietnam and over 30 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Heavy rains in Central Coast provinces still develop complicatedly

Due to the influence of the cold air front combined with high-altitude disturbances of the prevailing wind, from November 14 and 15, there will be moderate, heavy, and torrential rains in Central Vietnam.

MONRE says draft decree is not burdensome for enterprises

Some businesses have complained that the draft decree of the Law on Environmental Protection would be a heavy financial burden on enterprises.

Worried about air pollution from burning of straw, ministry issues directive

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has asked 10 northern provinces and cities to strengthen inspections and strictly handle the burning of rice straw during the rice harvest.

World Environment Day 2021 stresses importance on ecosystem restoration

World Environment Day 2021 calls for urgent action to revive the damaged ecosystems.

Vietnam youth submits climate action for COP26

Vietnamese young representatives address bottlenecks that are incorporated into a roadmap for COP26.

Natural disaster preparedness should be long-term: minister

Disaster prevention should be a radical, long-term strategy, based on new technology such as forecasting and remote sensing to minimise damage.

Concerns raised as starfish abused for selfies in Phu Quoc

Many starfish have died after being taken ashore for selfies by visitors to Phu Quoc Island.

Vietnam pilots initiatives to reduce plastic waste and marine litter

Vietnamese authorities and international organisations discussed ways to reduce plastic waste and marine litter in Vietnam at a workshop held in Hanoi on Friday.

Hazardous waste: an increasingly serious problem in large cities

A report found that Vinh Phuc province discharges over 800 tons of waste every day, of which 180 tons are from urban areas and 700 tons from rural areas.

Illegal sand extraction rampant on Da River

The illegal excavation of sand has been found at a section of Da River which runs through Hanoi, and local authorities have apparently done little to curb the problem.

Tisco builds dumping ground for hazardous waste in Thai Nguyen

Nine days after VietNamNet published an article about the existence of an outdoor furnace dust mountain at Tisco, the waste owner is now hurrying to build a dumping ground.

Tons of hazardous waste left uncovered in Thai Nguyen province

Thousands of tons of furnace dust at the Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel JSC (Tisco) have been left uncovered outdoors in central Thai Nguyen province.

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment recalls his eventful 5-year term

Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Tran Hong Ha recently spoke with VietNamNet about his five-year term on the ‘hot seat’, and about dealing with environmental incidents, preoccupations and plans.

Hanoi to relocate polluting factories from downtown in 2021-25

Hanoi has set up a list of 90 industrial establishments that have to be moved out of the inner city.