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Elephant tusk and aloeswood seized at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Customs officers at HCMC’s Tan Son Nhat Airport have seized an elephant tusk and a huge amount of aloeswood from a Vietnamese man who was attempting to illegally transport the goods into the home country.


Corruption hinders fight against elephant ivory trafficking

The battle against elephant tusk traffickers remains difficult as the violators are protected by corrupt officials who take bribes.

Online sale of elephant tusks continues to boom

Elephant tusks are available in many places, from souvenir shops and jewelry shops to tourist sites. But the sales there are very small compared with transactions via online markets.

Elephant tusks now sold on social media

China, Hong Kong and Thailand are the three biggest elephant tusk consumers in Asia (Underwood et al., 2013), while Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are places where trafficked elephant tusks transit before going to China.

Vietnam a hotspot for elephant-tusk trafficking

VietNamNet Bridge - Most of the elephants killed in Africa are carried to Asia, with Vietnam becoming the center from which elephant tusks are forwarded to other markets.

Customs officials seize 2.2 tonnes of elephant tusks

Hai Phong customs officials found and seized more than 2.2 tonnes of elephant tusks smuggled into Viet Nam from Mozambique yesterday.