A chart shows how different generations feel about stress, according to a countrywide survey conducted by Adecco Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Adecco Vietnam


Forty-three per cent of Gen Z, or people under 25 years old, said they were stressed "most of the time" and "almost always", which was a higher rate than Gen Y (aged 25-40), Gen X (aged 41-55), and Baby Boomers (over 55).

Thirty per cent of respondents said they experienced stress "occasionally".

The company's report titled "Hybrid work, reskilling & mental health: perspectives from each generation" is based on a survey conducted in July of 650 responses from all generations, with Gen Y and Gen X making up the majority.

Most survey respondents work in businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees in various industries.

The five main stressors are safety from COVID-19, long-term financial viability, job security and career prospects, mental and physical health, and excessive information consumption.

Andree Mangels, general director at Adecco Vietnam, noted that movement restrictions, disruption to daily routines, fear of infection, and financial and job insecurity can worsen mental health and wellbeing, gradually resulting in low work spirit and productivity.

“Besides following directives from the government, leaders should listen to the needs and concerns of their employees to provide timely support. This can be done through periodic surveys, one-on-one sessions, monthly town hall meetings, or anonymous feedback channels. The way leaders navigate the workforce during the pandemic can leave a mark in company culture and determine if employees stay for the long haul.”

The survey shows that while about 80 per cent of employees attached great importance to their mental health, nearly 33 per cent of businesses did not offer any support in this aspect.

International SOS Vietnam has said that employers should carry out an internal surveys to identify if mental health is a burning issue before looking at specific plans to support their employees.

Source: Vietnam News

Pandemic-hit workers anxiously wait for aid

Pandemic-hit workers anxiously wait for aid

According to statistics of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, up to 12.8 million Vietnamese people aged 15 and older were negatively affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in the second quarter of 2021.