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Fear of post-pandemic hunger, poverty looms

The work of hunger elimination and poverty reduction in Vietnam continues to gain momentum despite business shutdowns and an unemployment rate increase after the years of the pandemic.

Comprehensive solution needed to support loss-making enterprises

The Ministry of Finance said the penalty on late tax payment in 2022 increased compared to previous years as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which fields have seen the most businesses leaving the market?

The number of businesses leaving the market has increased more rapidly than the number of businesses joining and rejoining the market, according to the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI).

Tan Hiep Phat Group presents gifts to orphaned children in HCMC

Through the program “Walking forward with you”, Tan Hiep Phat Group committed to provide financial support to 49 orphans by the Covid-19 pandemic.

HCM City's commercial centres still quiet

Major commercial centres like Diamond Plaza, Pearl Center, The Oxygen, Parkson Cantavil that are located on prime locations in HCM City and were once bustling sites have fallen quiet.

Ninh Hiep - Hanoi’s largest fashion market in post-Covid period

Ninh Hiep market, Hanoi's largest fashion market, has become quiet because of the impact by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hanoi’s two famous markets are quiet, with slow sales

The two most famous shopping areas of the capital city, Hom and Hang Da markets, are no longer bustling with visitors as in previous years. Some booths have seen sales fall up to 70%.

Vietnamese American singer brings Tet Holiday joy to disadvantaged children

In hope to bring the children who lost their parents because of Covid-19 a warm spring holiday, Vietnamese American singer Ha Phuong spent a day to enjoy Tet with them.

85 per cent of healthcare workers develop post-COVID clinical symptoms

About 85 per cent of healthcare workers develop clinical symptoms after contracting COVID-19, with men having more symptoms than women, a study revealed.

'South Korean street’ in HCM City deserted as business people leave

Amid business decline, some South Korean businessmen have gone bankrupt or shut down their business and left for their home country. It’s unclear if they will come back.

Pandemic-hit labourers continue to receive financial support

The Unemployment Insurance Fund plans to pay out 1.15 trillion VND (49.15 million USD) to support labourers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a resolution issued by the National Assembly (NA) Standing Committee.

Nearly 10,000 health workers quit jobs

Vietnam saw close to 10,000 health workers quitting their jobs from the start of 2021 to June this year, with the highest resignation rates reported in HCMC, Hanoi, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, An Giang and Danang.

4.4 million preschool students missed school in 2021-22

Closures have affected up to 4.4 million preschool children over the 2021-22 period when the COVID-19 outbreak worsened in Vietnam, according to the education ministry.

Beer gardens lay in ruins after years of roaring success in Hanoi

Once the go-to place for beer lovers, beer bars and restaurants are now dilapidated and ruined because they were not able to withstand the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses anticipate COVID-19 rule change

The Ministry of Health’s bold proposal on easing coronavirus quarantine has received the thumbs-up from the business community as, if adopted, it will help them out of labour shortages.

As Covid cases rise, Hanoians avoid crowds on weekends, go to the mountains and forests

As the number of Covid cases is increasing rapidly, many Hanoi families are going camping in the forests or mountains on weekends instead of booking tours or going to amusement places in the inner city.

Labor market: higher unemployment risk for the better educated

The Covid-19 pandemic caused turbulence in the labor market in Vietnam in 2021.

Mobile apps bringing great convenience to Vietnamese

As smart phones are becoming increasingly popular to the public, the growth of practical mobile apps is something to be expected. 

COVID-19 forces nearly 3 million students to return to online learning

As of February 22, nearly 3 million out of total 17 million learners from kindergarten to high schools have to return to online learning due to complicated evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Ministry of Education and Traing.

Contactless economy: unexpected momentum and the future at hand

It's been two years since the Covid-19 pandemic turned the world upside down. The usual daily life is restricted, but that was the impetus for the new normal such as "no contact" and "social distancing" to appear.