Rong May Glass Bridge tourism site opens in Lai Chau

The Sun Gate Group has inaugurated the first stage of Rong May Glass Bridge ecological tourism site, as part of Thac Trang (White Falls) tourism project, in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province.

With beautiful scenery and mild climate all year round, the tourism site also connects the centre of Sa Pa tourism area with waterfalls, caves and community-based tourist areas of ethnic minority groups.


The site, built at a total cost of 43.4 million USD, will operate for up to 50 years with facilities such as a hotel, an elevator system and a glass-floored suspension bridge up to European standards, a range of bungalows, a swimming pool and an entertainment area.

The tourism site is expected to contribute to local socio-economic development and job creation to local workers./. VNA

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