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For Ngo Thanh Mai, who lives in Hanoi, the village of Si Thau Chai is very poetic and peaceful with majestic natural scenery.

Unique bride procession of Dao Khau wedding

The Dao Khau of Sin Ho District, Lai Chau Province, believe that all things that begin before the sun rises will go well, particularly for important events such as a wedding.

Mong woman catches attention with photo in traditional clothes

A photo of a beautiful young Mong woman wearing the ethnic group's traditional clothing while making food has drawn a lot of attention in the past week.

Then Kin Pang festival of Thai ethnic people in Lai Chau

The Then Kin Pang festival is held annually on the 9th and 10th days of the third lunar month, when thousands of people from Vietnam and overseas flock to Khong Lao commune in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province in celebration. 

Clarinet of the Dao Khau

The Dao Khau ethnic group in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau have a set of traditional musical instruments, of which a clarinet is the most difficult instrument to play.

Mountainous Lai Chau’s colours fascinate Hanoians

The first ever festival highlighting the cultures of ethnic people in the northwestern mountainous province of Lai Chau in the capital city has attracted attention of Hanoians.

Finding tranquility in the clouds

Have you ever wanted to visit Sa Pa or Mu Cang Chai but were worried they'd be too crowded?

Sin Suoi Ho, an attractive community-based tourism village

Located about 30km from Lai Chau City, Sin Suoi Ho Village in Sin Suoi Ho Commune, Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province has a beautiful natural landscape and cool climate year-round.

Lai Chau develops community tourism

The northern province of Lai Chau, situated 450km northwest of Hanoi, is not as popular a destination as Sa Pa in Lao Cai Province or Moc Chau in Son La Province. Yet it has a primitive and mysterious beauty that is well worth exploring.

Soldiers step up COVID-19 prevention efforts at border crossings

Border guards operating in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau have set up tents along trails and close to border crossings in an effort to control illegal entry into the country and successfully curb the spread of COVID-19.

Earthquake hits Lai Chau for third time in three days

Muong Te District in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau was struck by a 2.5-magnitude earthquake at 3:47 a.m. on the morning of June 17, making it the third earthquake to hit the province in three days.

Binh Lu – role model vermicelli village in the northwest

In recent decades cassava vermicelli have made in Binh Lu village, Lai Chau province, increasingly popular and brought growing profits to local households.

Period of extreme weather conditions kills five in northern mountainous region

A series of floods and landslides triggered by a period of torrential rain over the past few days has left five people dead, with one person missing and a further 25 people injured in mountainous regions situated in the north on April 25.

Soldiers rise to challenge of caring for people in quarantine

Soldiers deployed for the fight against the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic have been working hard these days to assist people who are undergoing a compulsory 14-day quarantine period at military camps.

Border guards undergo hardships combating COVID-19 epidemic

Border guards in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau have set up tents along trails and near border crossings to receive people in quarantine in the context of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading across the country..

Buffalo worship of Lu ethnic group

“Mo khoăn khoai” is a ceremony of the Lu ethnic group in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau to honor buffalos, a very important animal to famers.

Lai Chau embraces community tourism

Authorities in the northern province of Lai Chau are promoting policies for community-based tourism to develop the local economy and create jobs.

New roads to link to northern mountains

Two new roads will be built connecting the northern mountainous region with Hanoi, Ministry of Transport said on Thursday.

Viewing a spectacular sunset from Ky Quan San mountain

Known as Bach Moc Luong Tu by trekkers, Ky Quan San mountain can be found situated between the northern provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau.

Cultural characteristics of the Kho Mu

The Kho Mu are one of 5 ethnic groups in the northern mountainous province of Lai Chau. Despite physical hardships, they have developed strong cultural traditions and customs.