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Entertainment and cultural events of the week (September 26-October 2)

Upcoming entertainment and cultural events in Vietnam's major cities on September 26-October 2.

Concert: AUREUM Saxophone Quartet

Sep 28, 8 pm, Vietnam National Academy of Music,77 Hao Nam Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi

Oct 1, 8 pm, Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, 112 Nguyen Du Street, District 1, HCMC

Young, cheeky and unique – that’s AUREUM! Here, four completely different characters meet and merge into one musical entity. The Austrian saxophone quartet charmingly bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, skillfully breaking up classical concert traditions. With the album “golden roots”, released in August 2022, the ensemble embarks on a search for its roots – musically, artistically and very personally. “golden roots” is tradition and modernity, classical music, contemporary new classic and Austrian folk music. 

Martina Stückler | soprano saxophone
Johannes Weichinger | alto saxophone
Viola Jank | tenor saxophone
Lukas Seifried | baritone saxophone


Hà Nội: Austrian Embassy, Floor 8, 53 Quang Trung, Hoan Kiem
Time: from 02 pm – 04 pm, Fri, 23 Sep 2022 (except Saturday and Sunday)

HCMC: Austrian Consulate Office, 118/40 Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Phường Thảo Điền, District 2, Phone: (+84/28) 35 19 31 28
Time: from 09:00 – 12:00, Monday (26 Sep) – Wednesday (28 Sep) – Friday (30 Sep)

These concerts are among the events which are taking place in the framework of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Austria.

In The Flow of Silk

Until Oct 3
The Muse Artspace, 47 Trang Tien Street, Hanoi

Much like art in general, the flow of silk painting resides within the flow of Vietnamese culture, and every milestone each generation of silk painters achieved is a key element that extends and shapes the flow.
Through the flow of contemporary silk, the exhibition would like to introduce various dedicated artists who are researching and practicing with silk. Having diverse inspirations, reasonings and experimental methods, these artists are still relentlessly pursuing the journey of discovering silk through a personal perspective. Within this exhibition, flowers are the focal figures that help transcribe silk in a different outlook.

About the artists:

Phan Cam Thuong is an influential art and culture researcher, critic, educator, and painter in Vietnam. He is the author of numerous works ranging from scholarly research to folklore. His painting practice is mainly surrounded by poonah paper and silk with natural pigments to create a distinguished shade for his work. Phan Cam Thuong’s painting philosophy is not simply about creating art but always accompanied with cultural ideological elements, especially Eastern culture. He currently lives and works in Hanoi.

Nguyen Van Trinh was born in 1991 and graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University. Through silk and Giang paper, Trinh researched and experimented with pigments and watercolors in realistic, impressive and surreal expressions to explore the irregularity of art along with each of his emotional fragments in contemporary life. Recently, Trinh has started experimenting with painting silk in water.

Le Phuong Dung brought in two paintings she had composed for some time but have never appeared in any exhibition nor seen by the eyes of the public. She painted oriental objects from the house where she used to live. Her works on silk stand out with neon tones on a dark background in a nostalgic space, creating a negative photo effect. Painter Le Phuong Dung lives and works in Hanoi.

Duong Van Chung is a Nung ethnic painter, educator, graduated from Vietnam Fine Arts University in 2002. Chung’s work reflects the life of people in the Northwest in natural scenery. He uses Chinese ink on silk and cultivates slices of life to create miniature settings in the co-present space. Chung’s silk paintings have strong contrasting shades, with deep blacks, close to woodblock prints. Chung currently lives and works in Thai Nguyen.

Nguyen Ha Phuong composed paintings of young maidens on silk. Perhaps Ha Phuong was naturally gifted with the task of portraying Eastern Asia aesthetics on silk. The artist draws numerous women in scenes such as with Tet flowers, knitting clothes, playing in the garden, etc. Phuong’s silk paintings are vivid, succinct, yet affectionate. Phuong’s art practice focuses on re-perceiving reality by positioning oneself in recollection of past journeys.

”Agnes’s New Planets”

27 Sep – 30 Oct
Mo Art Space, B3 Floor, Apricot Hotel, 136 Hang Trong street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi

Mo Art Space cordially invites art lovers to ‘Agnes’s New Planets’ – a solo showcase by artist Duong Thuy Duong. Where do we come from? How do we define ourselves? Are we the product that we created? These are the questions which Duong Thuy Duong wants, together with the viewers,to try to reflect in this exhibition.

Taking the novel “Immortality” by author Milan Kundera as the point of departure – a story about love, the creator and the world, Duong Thuy Duong began her journey by creating dream images that captivated her soul. From luminous, fluorescent landscapes, disobeying the physical and chemical rules to the constantly changing, redefining of human corporalities and identities, Duong Thuy Duong opens dialogues and expresses her point of view about the paradox of our evolution intertwining with the development of technologies.

Duong Thuy Duong (b. 1989) currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Inspired by surrealism and abstraction, Duong Thuy Duong’s paintings refer to the artist’s view of her identity, cultural transfer as well as daily life between two different worlds. Her solo exhibitions include “Nothing is like us” (2022) and “Where is Lucy” (2019) in Berlin, Germany, “My Agnes” at Eight Gallery, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2016), “Seeing through the window” at Institut Francais, Hanoi, Vietnam (2015), “Seen by others” (2009) and “Coming then leaving” (2006) at Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Duong Thuy Duong also participated in various group shows such as “Migration and Identity” at Goethe Institute, Hanoi, Vietnam (2016), “5 Female Asian artists” at Gallery Thavibu, Bangkok, Thailand (2012), “Fine Arts of Duong Thuy Duong & Michael Wernitz” at Opera House, Halle/Saale (2009), “10 Years” at the Cultural Center of Beyer, Leverkusen, Germany (2009), “Vietnam’s emerging generation” at Gallery Maya, London, United Kingdom (2009), “Village, City and Dreams” at Viet Art Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam (2006) and “Harvest” at Exhibition House of Halle/Saale, Germany (2006).

Vietnamese artworks through the ages

Until Oct 2, HCM City Fine Arts Museum

An exhibition of 152 artworks such as ceramic pieces, art sculptures and paintings that the museum has collected and preserved for the past 35 years.

The ancient artworks are shown in 49 pieces of ceramic with a variety of enamel colours and pattern designs from the 12th to the 20th century. In addition, each item serves a purpose, such as for household usage (wine jugs, tea pots), for religion (censers, incense burners), or for decoration (Nghê statue). Each of them reflects the vitality of ceramic art through the ages.

The modern art artifacts include 103 works of art in sculpture, painting, and sketches, from 1939 to 2021, through notable artists of many generations, which represent a variety of art styles.

Applied fine art works on display

Until Sep 27
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, Hanoi

Featuring over 200 modern and traditional designs of applied fine art works by 138 authors throughout the country.

The works are finalists selected from 538 entries to a competition launched more than four months ago which saw the participation of 183 authors from 25 localities in the country.

Mới / Seeing New(s)

SDIS 33/Handout L’Humanité
Until Oct 3, 07 am – 05 pm
Matca Space for Photography, 48 Ngoc Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

2021 has seen the French news agenda sandwiched between COVID lockdowns and President Macron’s re-election. A Reuters’ report from late January to early February 2022 shows most news brands have decreased static news consumption and trust.

“Seeing New(s)” by Phuong Hoang constructs a visual dialogue, combining images from local media and her own photographs with a touch of humour. She questions the importance of delivering messages via pictures in newsrooms when audiences are visually flooded by social media daily.

Exhibition features dialogue between calligraphy, graffiti

Until Sep 30,
The Temple of Literature, Hanoi

An exhibition named “Calligraphy – Graffiti Dialogue” featuring 39 works of calligraphy and graffiti by Vietnamese calligraphers and graffiti artists across the country.

The works are arranged like a story about two people with different personalities and the dialogue which brings them together to empathise and share with each other.

Exhibition: Illuminated Curiosities

Until Dec 2022
EMASI Nam Long, 147 Street No.8, Nam Long Residential area, District 7,
EMASI Van Phuc, 2 Street No.5, Van Phuc Residential City, Thu Duc District, HCM City

Nguyen Art Foundation (NAF) proudly invites you to the opening of ‘Illuminated Curiosities’, a group exhibition with 26 artists featuring 46 artworks from within and outside NAF’s Collection. Curated by art researcher Ace Le, with the curatorial assistance from Duong Manh Hung and Tam Nguyen, the exhibition will take place simultaneously across the campuses of EMASI Nam Long and EMASI Van Phuc, over the course of six months from May to December of 2022. ‘Illuminated Curiosities’ is a collaborative effort between NAF and Lan Tinh Foundation.

Screening: The Recycling Lie

Sep 29, 7 pm,

Goethe Institut, 56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Under the slogan #ITSTIMETOACT- A NATURE FILM FESTIVAL! the first eco film festival will be held from September 23 to October 07, 2022. It is part of the international activities of Climate Week 2022. Tackling the climate crisis is the major challenge of the 21st century. The festival is initiated by the Spanish Embassy of Hanoi in collaboration with European and Latin American Embassies. NGO “WILDACT” helps to publicize and attract audiences. The hybrid festival can be attended online and at the Goethe-Institut and Casa Italia.

“The Recycling lie” will be the German contribution to the Nature Film Festival. The film “The Recycling lie” by Tom Costello and Benedikt Wermter sheds light on an industry that profits from the plastic pollution crisis instead of solving it. Packaging is increasingly being labeled “100% recyclable” to give us a clear conscience. But what happens to our plastic waste after we throw it away? The answer to this question is appalling since only 9% of plastic packaging is recycled1. This raises concerns that recycling is merely greenwashing.

“#It’s Time To Act – A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam”

Sept 23 – Oct 7

“#It’s Time To Act – A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam” is the first Nature film showcase featuring international and local environmentally themed films and conversations on sustainability and harmony with Nature in Vietnam.

“#It’s Time To Act – A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam” takes place from September 23rd to October 07th, 2022, against the backdrop of the United Nations General Assembly, joining the framework of international activities during Climate Week 2022 (September 19-25).

“#It’s Time To Act – A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam” is coordinated by the Embassy of Spain in Vietnam with contributions from participating 14 countries including Europe, Latin America, Canada, and Vietnam (Belgium–Wallonie-Bruxelles, Brasil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Perú, Spain, United Kingdom, Venezuela, and Vietnam). 

“#It’s Time To Act – A Nature Film Festival in Vietnam” is a project part of the EULAT 4 Culture Special call for funding Europe-Latin America cultural relations, with dedicated funding from the Spanish government, initiated by AECID (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development) in the context of its current 2021-2022 presidency of EUNIC. The principal aim of the call was to put into action the Joint statement EUNIC/RIDCULT adopted by EUNIC at the June 2021 General Assembly in Toledo (Spain), with the purpose of fostering the contribution of culture to promoting dialogue, knowledge and exchange between the peoples of Europe and Latin America in diverse global settings.

Le Ha (Hanoigrapevines)



National Assembly to hold extraordinary session in January 2023

Book tells journeys of Vietnamese immigrants to the UK in search of better lives

The life stories of Vietnamese migrants who are seeking better lives in the UK are vividly told in a new book.

Vietnamese movie honoured at France festival

“Tro tan ruc ro” (Glorious Ashes) by Bui Thac Chuyen won the "Golden balloon" award (Montgolfière d'or) at the Festival des 3 Continents 2022 which took place in Nantes, France, from November 18 – 27.


Gloomy outlook for exporters of aquatic products next year

Male model finishes fourth runner-up at Mister Grand International

Nguyen Vu Linh, Vietnamese representative at Mister Grand International 2022, was awarded the fourth runner-up title during the male pageant’s grand final held in Trinidad and Tobago on November 26.

Magnitude three earthquake hits northern border locality

An earthquake measuring three on the Richter scale jolted Ha Giang city in the northern border mountainous province of the same name on November 28.

Foreign fans congregate at Hanoi beer hub for 2022 World Cup

German and Spanish fans make their presence felt on backpackers street Ta Hien in Hanoi’s Old Quarter on November 28, supporting their respective countries at the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup underway in Qatar.

AI - the future of retail

Technology is changing the retail sector, with artificial intelligence (AI) shaping shopping centers and stores of the future.

Hanoi to celebrate New Year with drone light show and marathon

A countdown event, concert, drone light show and an international marathon will be held in Hanoi to celebrate the New Year 2023.

How will Vietnam escape the 'middle-income trap'?

Vietnam aims to become a higher average income country and a high income country by 2035 and 2045. However, to reach that goal, it will have to overcome challenges, especially institutional ones.

HCM City develops food streets to attract tourists

Ho Chi Minh City is focusing on developing food streets to attract more tourists and make them spend more during their stay in the city.

Int’l experts, organisations believe in Vietnam's sustainable growth potential

Experts, and representatives of international organisations, and investment funds have shown their belief in the potential for sustainable growth in Vietnam in the coming tỉme.

Why has HCM City removed 'residential people’s groups'?

With the elimination of over 25,000 "residential people’s groups", HCM City has cut 38,000 part-time officers.

Duan wins Hanoi Midnight marathon title, eyes SEA Games slot

Almost 10,000 elite and amateur runners registered to participate in the event. The number was double that of the first edition in 2020.

HCM City seeks to prevent illegal waste dumping

HCM City’s environmental sector is taking steps to prevent illegal dumping of domestic waste transported from neighbouring provinces to the city.