Arnaud Soulier’s talk on sound for documentary

French sound engineer Arnaud Soulier will speak at a workshop on sound in documentary production at the center for documentary, experimental films and video art DocLab in Hanoi on May 5, 9, 11 and 19.

Arnaud Soulier’s talk on sound for documentary

A workshop on sound in documentary production with Arnaud Soulier will take place at DocLab next month - PHOTO: COURTESY OF ORGANIZER

Soulier will introduce a simple and practical approach, along with specific recording techniques for documentary.

Documentary filmmakers often have difficulty recording audio for their productions. This then continues to cause problems in the film’s sound production.

The main reason is insufficient material collecting in the filming process. Besides, directors usually film documentaries themselves or with a very small crew.


However, problems with sound can be minimized during the documentary making process. Participants will discuss different recording techniques, how to solve some common problems through specific practices and examples, how to manage audio materials in the stage of image rendering, and finally, how sound works in the final stages of making and mixing sound.

After this basic sound workshop, DocLab plans to hold other advanced courses led by Soulier on sound production, and sound post-production and design for those who are interested.

Soulier is a filmmaker and sound engineer who currently lives and works in Vietnam and France. He has collaborated on film and documentary projects in Vietnam with directors such as Bui Thac Chuyen, Phan Dang Di, Pham Ngoc Lan and Truong Minh Quy.

Soulier has also done many audio recording workshops in Vietnam for film and documentary makers. In 2016, he and L'Espace Hanoi organized Sound Week which included events with the theme of sound in the cinema, seminars, and unique cultural events centered on sound. SGT

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