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The commune where local people wear black blouses, gather hair into a bun

Located at the eastern foot of Nua Mountain in Vung Tau City in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, Long Son Big House is well known for the images of people with bare feet and hair buns, wearing black ao ba ba (loose-fitting blouses).

Xinh Mun people celebrate traditional festival

Sà Típ Festival begins with the ritual offering, which is then followed by the activities of drinking rice wine, enjoying the feast and dancing to the rhythms of the drums and gongs.

When foreign leaders ride bikes on streets, eat banh my and drink coffee

In 2023, many foreign politicians were invited by Vietnamese leaders to experience activities that symbolize their strong relationships.

Gold shops prepare for God of Wealth Day rush

Jewelry shops and companies have prepared large numbers of lucky gold products to meet consumers’ surging demand on the God of Wealth Day on the 10th day of the new lunar year, which falls on February 19 this year.

Popular ornamental plants in Vietnamese houses during Tet

As a common habit, Vietnamese people often decorate their houses with peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, and kumquat trees during the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival in the hopes for luck, wealth, and happiness to their family.

Unique wedding procedures of the Ede

The Ede people are matriarchal so weddings are normally initiated by women.

Documentary heritage protection: passing the torch to the youth

While learning about and practicing heritage, young people will find appropriate ways to face their heritage, as well as promote the value of heritage for future generations. This is like a torch being passed from one person’s hand to another.

The bride-welcoming ceremony of the Giay ethnic people

The Giay ethnic people in the north-western mountainous province of Lai Chau consider the wedding, including the bride-welcoming ceremony, to be the happiest event in the couple’s life.

Traditional market revives Dong Ho folk paintings

The Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Bắc Ninh has restored the folk painting market at Song Hồ Ward’s Centre for the Preservation of Folk Paintings.

Agencies question $14.2b package for national cultural development programme

It is estimated by the ministry that by 2030, about VNĐ182 trillion will be needed to invest in the programme, including 110 trillion from the State budget, VNĐ36 trillion from local budget and VNĐ36 trillion from others.

Honoring Holy Mother in Hue

Deep within the heart of the central city of Hue lies Hue Nam, also known as Hon Chen Temple.

Thai group keeps traditional cloth dyeing alive

The Thai is the third-largest in the country, with around 1.5 million people, ranking only after the Kinh and Tày groups.

Enjoying Saigon’s sidewalk coffee stands at night

Sitting on a sidewalk to sip a cup of coffee at night is an interesting experience for many tourists in HCM City.

Muong ethnic artisans preserve craft on the verge of being forgotten

Dating back many centuries, the craft of making dó (poonah) paper of the Mường ethnic people living in Suối Cỏ Hamlet in Cao Sơn Commune, Lương Sơn District in Hòa Bình Province has been passed down for many generations among the group.

Young Mong stylist reconstructs ethnic costume

To highlight the beauty and authenticity of Mong culture, Chau Thi Nung and her collaborators have launched a fashion project that recreates the costumes worn by distinct Mong throughout VN.

Embroidering a future for everyone

Nguyen Kim Chi, a fashion designer specialising in tailoring, has held the Cuc Chi class in Hanoi to share her interest in the embroidery craft.

Brocade weaving showcases Ede women’s ingenuity

Ede girls learn from their grandmothers and mothers to weave brocade fabric and make clothes and blankets when they are little. These products are for family use and given by a bride as gifts for her in-laws.

Traditional forest ritual protects Mother Nature

Forest worship practices have existed in the consciousness and life of ethnic minorities for a long time, featured in local ceremonies and festivals based on concepts of the universe and animism and represented by sacred forest gods.

Culture Trip shares surprises while enjoying beer in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the leading countries in beer consumption in Asia. Bia hoi (draught beer) is a favorite choice of many Vietnamese on hot summer days. But do foreign tourists know how to drink bia hoi like a local?

Vietnamese culture is always everlasting strength of the nation: PM

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh attended a special art show in Hanoi on February 28 marking the 80th anniversary of the Outline of Vietnamese Culture, the first document on culture launched by the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) in 1943.