New show honours cai luong to be held in HCM City

A new show called Cải Lương: Trăm Năm Nguồn Cội (Reformed Opera: A Hundred-Year History) will take place in HCM City next month.

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New show honours cai luong to be held in HCM City
Meritorious Artist Que Tran (right) plays Mother Thuong Duong in historical play Câu Thơ Yên Ngựa (Poetry and Saddle) at the press conference to introduce new show called Cải Lương: Trăm Năm Nguồn Cội (Reformed Opera: A Hundred Year History) held in HCM City last week. Photo

The 100-minute show is written and directed by Quang Thao, who has made several TV shows featuring cai luong and theatrical drama.

It will open with performances of đờn ca tài tử and vọng cổ (nostalgic tunes), featuring cải lương stars Thanh Kim Hue, Vu Linh and Ngoc Doi.

Composer Huynh Khai, former head of the traditional music department of the HCM City Conservatory of Music, will provide explanations about the history of cai luong, and its orchestra and musical instruments.

Excerpts from popular cai luong plays such as Đời Cô Lựu (Ms Lựu’s Life) and Câu Thơ Yên Ngựa (Poetry and Saddle) will be featured.

People’s Artist Bach Tuyet will play the role of Luu, a Vietnamese woman who faces challenges and sufferings under the feudal society in the south.

She will perform along with veteran artists Viet Anh, Trinh Trinh and Quang Thao.


Đời Cô Lựu is a production by well-known scriptwriter Tran Huu Trang. Since its debut by the Thanh Minh -Thanh Nga Troupe in 1930s, the play has been staged many times by art troupes in HCM City and southern provinces.

Meanwhile, Meritorious Artist Que Tran will play the leading role of Queen Mother Thuong Duong in the historical play Câu Thơ Yên Ngựa about a war of throne during the Ly Dynasty.

The performance will also feature experienced performers Dien Trung and Tu Suong.

Câu Thơ Yên Ngựa was written by Hoang Yen, Ngoc Van and Thanh Tong in 1982. Directed by Tong, the play was first performed by the Minh To Cai Luong Troupe in Sai Gon, and later has been restaged by different troupes.

The show will also screen video clips on the history of cai luong and late People’s Artist Phung Ha, a legend of cai luong.

The Cải Lương: Trăm Năm Nguồn Cội show will take place on July 7, 13 and 14 at Ben Thanh Theatre at 6 Mac Dinh Chi Street in District 1. Tickets are available at the theatre’s box office.


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