Vietnam is contender for SEA Games’ e-sport competition

Vietnam is positioned as a strong contender and potential representative for the e-sports competition at the SEA Games this year.

Vietnam is contender for SEA Games’ e-sport competition
Team Flash AOV Vietnam is crowned world champion in the Arena of Valor competition. — Photo courtesy of AWC 2019

Team Flash AOV Vietnam is the first e-sport team in Vietnam to be crowned the world champion for the Arena of Valor (AOV)/Lien Quan mobile e-sports competition.

The victory marks Vietnam’s first-ever world championship title in e-sports.

Team Flash AOV Vietnam, which includes seven Vietnamese members, beat Taiwan with a score of 4-3 in the final competition at the major e-sports event, Arena of Valor (AOV) World Cup 2019 (AWC 2019).

AOV is among the six titles at the SEA Games for e-sports this year, where e-sports will be included as an official medal sport for the first time.

Terence Ting, CEO of Team Flash from Singapore, said: “Considering that Vietnam has just been crowned World Champions which includes the wider APAC region and even North America, I believe Vietnam will be the favorite going into the SEA games, provided we keep up the form and momentum from our AWC win.

Our closest competitors are likely to be Thailand, where AOV is also extremely mainstream and has a great league ecosystem to support competitive growth at both the grassroots and professional level. Our Thailand competitors will be the one to watch. ”

E-sports in general and AOV specifically boast fan engagement metrics that compete with the most popular sports globally.


According to Garena and Tencent validated data, viewership of the AWC 2019 reached a whopping 850,000 unique views. This was the highest number of simultaneous views for any e-sports event in Vietnam.

This number also breaks several records including the views for all championships around Vietnam and the accumulated views for the duration of eight days on air (from the qualifying rounds to the final), gathering more than 74 million views.

Team Flash is Southeast Asia's fastest-growing e-sports franchise, empowering talented e-sports athletes to pursue a professional career in gaming.

The organisation, which has invested in talent and infrastructure across Vietnam and Singapore, holds a portfolio of five professional teams in Arena of Valor, League of Legends, FIFA, Fortnite and PUBG Mobile.

With headquarters located in Singapore, Team Flash has e-sports talents located across Southeast Asia with a regional footprint of more than 1,000,000 fans across all team and player channels.

Their mission is to provide an authentic experience for both players and fans in their journey to become global champions of the digital sport.


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