VietNamNet's annual concert to highlight rock song for the first time

This year the annual symphony concert "Dieu Con Mai" (Things Everlasting) hosted by VietNamNet Newspaper will be held for the 10th straight year on September 2 at the Hanoi Opera House as usual.

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VietNamNet's annual concert to highlight rock song for the first time

The 10th edition of the concert, which is held to celebrate the country's National Day, will highlight a rock song titled Tam Hon Cua Da (Stone’s Soul) by late composer Tran Lap, according to director of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra and general director of the concert Nguyen Tri Dung.

At VietNamNet's press conference on August 23, Dung said the rock song will be a big change to the concert, which has long included Vietnamese pop songs and classical instrumental pieces.

“Many people think classical music is a strict genre framed in limited pieces, but there are many rock and rap songs played by symphony orchestras as well,” Dung said.

“Creations in the background of symphony music are not limited. This year, audiences will enjoy a rock symphony, which I think will not disappoint anybody.”

Conductor Le Phi Phi said: "We will show the audience how rock rhythms are alluring when played by a symphony orchestra.”

Tung Duong, who will sing the rock song, said it would be a big challenge for him to renew the well-known piece and make it attractive to younger listeners.

“I’ll bring along new energy, enthusiasm of the youth together with the sound mixing by composer Trần Mạnh Hùng,” Duong said.

The concert will also feature songs with folk melodies like Nha Em O Lung Doi (My House is on the Middle of the Hill) by composer Duc Trinh, performed by singer Duong Hoang Yen.


“I’m proud to be the youngest to perform with experienced artists in this concert,” Yến said. “I hope to impress the audience with my song.”

Yen, who is joining the show for the first time, was clearly excited to be involved.

According to the organisers, this year's show will include more pop songs than in years past.

Under the theme "Bay Len Vietnam” (Flying Up Vietnam), the songs will focus on praising nationalism and patriotism and calling people to work together to build up a wealthier Vietnam.

Various other pop songs include Loi Ca Dang Bac (Singing Dedicating Uncle Ho) by composer Trong Loan, Song Lo Chieu Cuoi Nam (Lo River on a Year-End Afternoon) by Minh Quang, Nguoi Con Gai Song La (A Woman from La River) by Doan Nho, and Hanoi - Hue - Sai Gon by Hoang Van.

Besides popular singers like Dang Duong, Trong Tan, Tung Duong, Le Anh uũng and Dao To Loan, the show will gather young artists such as Duong Hoang Yen, Pham Thuy Dung and Tran Hung Nhung.

Other pieces will include a revised version of the folk melody Ly Ngua O (Rhapsody Vietnam) by composer Do Hong Quan and Bai Ca Chung Thuy (Song of Loyalty) with a solo violin performance by People’s Artist Bui Cong Duy.

According to conductor Phi, the organisers have also picked four popular children's songs by composer Hoang Van for the show including Em Yeu Truong Em (I Love My School) and Mua Hoa Phuong No (Season of Flamboyant Flowers).

"I think letting more children join the show is interesting,” Phi said. “Children's songs performed with an orchestra and symphony will create a fresh experience.”

The show will take place at 2pm at the Hanoi Opera House on September 2 and will be broadcast live on VTV1.

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