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Latest Coronavirus News in Vietnam & Southeast Asia May 4


Array of health facilities granted permission to conduct COVID-19 tests


Improving human resources – top factor for Vietnam’s growth: JICA specialists

There remain problems concerning human resources and Vietnamese businesses should focus on what Japanese experts have addressed.

Railway cafes: Leave them open or closed?

The interest in the thrilling railway cafes shows the limited awareness of railway safety. It is improper to do business in an operating railway.

Nation needs proper policies for start-ups, expert

 Vietnam is paying special attention to business development, with the government promoting start-up movements so that nationwide businesses will double to a million within the next five years.

Local retailers nudged out by foreign players, expert

Vietnam is witnessing a surge in foreign retailers vying for dominance over the local retail market. Vice-director of Ho Chi Minh City’s Department for Industry and Trade Nguyen Ngoc Hoa speaks about the rising trend.

Black gibbons - the “soul” of the northern forests

 VietNamNet Bridge – Tiger is the king of beasts in the forests, while gibbons’ songs are the soul of the forests. There is only one forest in Yen Bai province where black gibbons still exist.


 Legal capital threshold for labour subleasing; New principles for wage scales; Measures urged to lure foreign investment in stocks; Financial storm ravages Cai Mep-Thi Vai ports; Fresh energy for a new direction

Policy making on “euphoric effect”

According to economic experts, the current recession though not being recognized by any official document, comes to people everywhere. Some even said that we are falling into the "euphoric effect," even in the policymaking process.