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Exploring life and culture of ethnic minorities in A Luoi

The mountainous district of A Luoi in Thua Thien Hue Province is among attractive destinations for tourists loving to explore the daily life and culture of ethnic minority people in the central region.


A Luoi is an emerging destination for community-based and eco tourism in the central province of Thua Thien Hue 



Visiting A Luoi, tourists can stay at stilt houses uniquely designed and built by ethnic minority people such as Guol house of Co Tu people, Rong house of Ta Oi people and Dai house of Pa Co people. Made mainly from environmentally friendly materials such as wood, bamboo and palm leaves, the stilt houses will bring visitors close to nature.

Tourists will be invited to visit local villages to enjoy traditional food, play folk games, join community camps, listen to folk music genres, and take part in traditional festivals including A rieu Car, A rieu Piing, and A rieu A Da.

The “One day with the village” program enables participants to join the locals in their daily activities such as weaving, making wine, farming, catching fish, and preparing and enjoying specialty dishes such as dried meat, grilled fish wrapped in banana leaves, A Quat cake, and rice cooked in bamboo tubes.

Sitting on Truong Son Mountain Range, A Luoi is home to an abundance of wildlife and marvelous landscapes, of which A Roang forest, A Nor waterfall, Par Le stream, and A Lin stream are the most well known.

There are a wide variety of locally made products for tourists to buy for their families and friends such as honey, Ra Du rice, black glutinous rice, forest peppercorns, rose myrtle wine, and forest bamboo shoots. Handicraft products will also be perfect souvenirs, including shoes, hats, handbags, earrings, paintings, and clocks.


Par Le stream has crystal clear water

Road leading to A Luoi is surrounded by dense forest - PHOTO: COURTESY OF THUA THIEN HUE DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM

A Nor bridge in A Luoi


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