Vietnamese retailers are planning to begin iPhone sales from October 14, or one day earlier than last year, while many of them will deliver products at midnight, which is different from last year’s reservation.

Mobile World, the retailer with the biggest market share, has confirmed delivery from October 14. As such, clients will begin queuing on October 13 evening. This is rare that the retailer delivers products at midnight

A newcomer in the iPhone distribution market, 24hStore, has also decided to deliver at night. The retail chain has many years of experience selling iPhones, but it has just obtained an AAR (Apple Authorised Reseller) certificate.

Meanwhile, other retail chains, including FPT Shop, CellphoneS, Di Dong Viet and Minh Tuan Mobile, have not made an announcement about the sale opening date.

In 2021, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still raging, only several small retailers agreed to give iPhone 13 deliveries at midnight of the opening date. Most other retail chains only began the sale the next morning.

All large retailers have confirmed that they have taken record numbers of orders and some versions have sold out.

In the first two hours of October 7, Mobile World received 5,000 orders and deposits, an unprecedented figure, the representative of the chain said.

CellphoneS also reported that just within several hours since it began taking orders, all iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB sold out. Deep purple versions of the Pro series also sold out and clients must wait for the next sales campaign.

FPT Shop has reported  80,000 registrations to receive information about iPhone 14, a kind of booking, as of September 6, far higher than before.

In general, small retailers set selling prices a bit lower than the prices set by the two large retail chains – Mobile World and FPT Shop. However, this year’s price differences are around VND5-6 million.

iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB is quoted by Mobile World at VND33.99 million and by FPT Shop at VND33.49 million. Meanwhile, at smaller retail chains, the prices are VND27.99-32.49 million.

To have such a price, parties have to apply many different policies. The most popular solution is trade-in sale. Clients bring old-generation iPhones to shops and pay additional money to get the iPhone 14.

Trong Dat