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Chinese businessmen collect all kinds of waste in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – Chinese businessmen have been going to every corner in the Vietnamese land to collect all the things that Vietnamese think are useful and throw away, thus raising doubts about the machinations behind this.

Banners, slogans used to shield crops from cold

The banners, slogans and propaganda posters for anniversaries, holidays and social-cultural-politics events, after completing the propaganda mission, were utilized for many different purposes.

Low profits for farmers despite robust exports

Over the last 20 years, even though Vietnam has evolved from a country with food shortages to being one of the world’s top exporters of agricultural produce, the average income of farmers is still lower than other class of society.

Farmers receive additional aid to cope with disasters

 VietNamNet Bridge – Farmers who have been affected by natural disasters or by crop or livestock epidemics will now receive financial support from the Government at double previous levels in order to help them recover their production.

Give land to farmers, and they will stop deforestation

Local residents who have been living together with the forests, considering the forests as their homes, still devastate the forests. It’s because they need land for agricultural production.

State rescues fertilizer manufacturers, who rescues farmers?

Domestic fertilizer producers and farmers both have shouted for help. However, the solutions expected would be able to save one of the two.