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Restaurant chains fall into crisis amid pandemic

The Tokyo Deli Restaurant on Nguy Nhu Kon Tum Street in Hanoi closed its doors two months ago for the Tet holiday, but it has now decided to never open again. The long Covid-19 pandemic has hit many restaurants hard.

Tra fish swimming back to local market

Turning away from the uphill battle in exports due to COVID-19, tra fish producers have set an eye on the domestic market.

Incurring crushing losses, café owners rush to sell shops

Losing patrons and having no money to pay for rent, the owners of many coffee houses have had to shut down.

F&B firms prepare for possible second round of social distancing

Though local F&B businesses don't want social distancing to return in August, the experiences they had in April are helping them prepare.

F&B chains in Vietnam go online or die during COVID-19

Many eateries have stopped serving offline and shifted to selling online during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beer brewers foresee 30-70 per cent drop in profit due to COVID-19

The dual pressures from COVID-19 and Decree 100 force beer manufacturers to cut 30-70 per cent of their target profits this year.

The government orders inspections to lasso in runaway pork prices

The government ordered the inspection of big pork producers in Vietnam as part the efforts to curb prices, stabilise the market, and rein in inflation in 2020.

Is the restaurant market still attractive?

A lot of restaurants have had to shut down, but Vietnam remains an attractive market in the eyes of many investors.

Hot competition in F&B

While some F&B brands in Vietnam have been forced out of business there are others that are prospering.

Brewer Habeco reports falling net profit in third quarter

Despite tripling expenses on advertisement and promotion programmes in the third quarter, Habeco still reported a decrease in net profit.

Why do some F&B chains fail in Vietnam?

Before its Mon Hue chain had to shut down, Huy Vietnam was praised as the pioneer in developing food & beverage (F&B) chains, which had successfully called for tens of millions of dollars worth of foreign investment.

Exciting times ahead in F&B and FMCG

Vietnam’s mergers and acquisitions market is abuzz in food and beverages, as well as in consumer goods, as the competitive landscape evolves and rivals reshape their portfolios.

Incurring losses, pizza chains still pouring money into Vietnam

The accumulated losses of Pizza Hut and The Pizza Company in Vietnam have reached VND334 billion and VND263 billion, respectively. But they are continuing to pour money into the Vietnamese market.

F&B chains move ahead despite obstacles

Investments in F&B chains are increasing despite the signs of a growth slowdown.

Vietnam sees flourishing food and beverage industry

Vietnam, a market of 93 million people, is seeing rapidly growing consumer demand for food and beverage (F&B) products, offering ample space for the F&B sector to expand.


The hot market for bottled drinks

VietNamNet Bridge - The domestic bottled drink market is getting ‘scorching hot’ because of the increasingly high demand for drinks that are good for health.

Foreigners active in food and beverage startups

VietNamNet Bridge - An American sells roast meat, others sell high-end chocolate, and a Singaporean sells frog porridge. 

New race in beverage market starts

VietNamNet Bridge - The Vietnamese beverage market remains very attractive to investors, with growth potential three times higher than the average growth rate in Asia.

The restaurant industry booms, but risks are high

Many more restaurants and food courts have opened recently in Vietnam but poor preparations and lack of professionalism has led to a number of closures. 

2017 called the ‘year of milk tea’

VietNamNet Bridge - For the 8X, 9X and 10X generations, “Hey, let’s have a milk tea” has replaced the classic invitation for “A cup of coffee?”.