Update news fees

 Commercial banks are expecting the revenue from fees and retail banking services to become their main income sources this year, as a result of rising market demands.


 First Can Tho – Bangkok direct flight takes off, Family businesses make significant contribution to GDP, Vietsovpetro earns $18 million from Thien Ung gas field, Investors unpermitted to sell houses unless fully paying taxes, fees

Public hospital fees hiked by 18% in August

 VietNamNet Bridge – Public hospital services and products in 16 provinces and cities have become 18 per cent more expensive since the middle of August, as patients pay for health staff’s basic salaries.


Firms gripe that minimum wage too high, Government mulls nixing tax fines, fees, Falcon financial group to promote Vietnam, Middle East two-way trade, Int’l food exhibition to open in HCM City, Nearly 22 billion USD poured into Binh Duong

Lacking money, MOF attempts to raise fees

VietNamNet Bridge - The anticipated loss of revenue of the state budget in 2015 has put pressure on the Ministry of Finance (MOF), which plans to impose higher fees to offset losses.

Vietnam to cut customs clearance time in bid to improve business environment

 VietNamNet Bridge – Co-operation amongst customs agencies and ministries still leaves much to be desired, said Pham Thanh Binh, a customs expert from USAID's Governance for Inclusive Growth Program in Viet Nam.

Ministries at odds over tax adjustments for auto imports

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Industry and Trade has proposed reducing special consumption tax, import tariffs and fees for completely built-up (CBU) automobiles and auto parts in 2015-2018,

14 types of fees imposed on a chicken

 VietNamNet Bridge – The overlapping fees in the poultry industry have increased the cost of production and circulation.

3G service fee increase unexpected produces a stir

 VietNamNet Bridge – 3G service turns out to be a violent battlefield for telecom groups. The market has become choppy after the three biggest network operators announce the service fee hike.

High quality kindergartens born in masses

VietNamNet Bridge - There are no regulations about high quality kindergartens but a lot of schools in HCMC still introduce themselves as high quality kindergartens, collecting high tuition fees for the committed high quality

Only 1/3 of golf courses break even or make profit

Investors once rushed to pour their money into golf courses, believing that this was a gold mine to dig. But they may have changed their mind when seeing 2/3 of the operational golf courses taking loss.


Hanoi pledges financial aid for enterprises; HCM City urged to change software park land policy; Sale of drought insurance for coffee suspended; Accor continues expansion with three new hotels

MOT propose to amend law to be able to sell ships as scrap iron

The Ministry of Transport (MOT) believes that it would be better to demolish old ships and sell as scrap iron. However, the current laws don’t allow to do this.

In Vietnam, card holders bear 17 kinds of fees

Vietnamese keep indifferent to the banks’ plan to modernize the payment methods, a step towards the non-cash economy, because the 17 existing kinds of fees have been burdening them.

Card holders try to avoid ATM transaction fees

VietNamNet Bridge – Commercial banks have been making fat profits from ATM services, but they have decided to collect fees from inner-network transactions as well.

Travel firms complain that policies fight against tourism development

VietNamNet Bridge – The government has decided that tourism is one of the key industries of the national economy. However, the current policies don’t support the development.

Nation drowning in sea of fees

Despite the objections and concerns of local people and enterprises, the controversial road maintenance fee collection scheme has been finally realized, forcing all car and motorbike owners to start paying a fee

Sky high road tax kill logistics industry

The Ministry of Transport has raised the existing fees and set new kinds of fees, heaping logistics enterprises with big difficulties.