Quang Ngai Province is located in the middle of the coastline. Quang Ngai is home to many traditional fishing villages. Among these, Phuoc Thien fishing village in Binh Hai Commune, Binh Son District, is relatively primitive to tourists.

Early in the morning, the atmosphere is the liveliest when boats dock at the village with various kinds of fish and squid caught. Some transport fish by basket boats while others buy and sell fish at the seaside.

The woman checks squid after taking them from basket boats
A man is rowing a bamboo basket boat to take fish from boats
Bamboo basket boats are popular means of transportation in coastal regions
A woman is seen standing on the beach to wait for fish from boats
To save time, many women actively jump into the water to approach basket boats
Buying and selling fish in Phuoc Thien fishing village becomes lively in the early morning
Fishes are put in specific containers
Fishes are put in specific containers
Men are in charge of catching fish and bringing them from boats to the shore, while women are responsible for selecting fish and bargaining
Aqua products are mainly tuna, scad, and squid. They are indeed all fresh.
The peak time of fish catching in Phuoc Thien fishing village is in the summer

Source: Saigon Times