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Winter is the season of hot dishes to help fight the cold weather and hot ovens exuding warmth and the fulfilling fragrance of food around the house, showing signs of a happy family. 

Explore street foods in Buon Me Thuot City for no more than US$3

The Central Highlands' Buon Me Thuot City, also known as the capital of coffee in Vietnam, is a food paradise where you can buy a delicious dish for US$3.

Covid-19 highlights the need for safe, nutritious, and affordable food

Hunger and malnutrition were an increasing problem worldwide before the pandemic. Restrictions imposed to curb disease spread have disrupted local and international food supply chains, making the problem even more urgent.

Fine dining restaurants struggle to overcome hard time

Some top fine dining restaurants in upscale hotels in HCM City are now struggling to overcome hard time by offering delivery and takeaway amid the social distancing campaign.

Rice paper salad a signature street food in HCM City

Often sold by bicycle vendors, the street food snack has become a signature dish of the southern city.

Ministry of Industry and Trade advocates care with outbound trade

Amid the surging global demand for food and foodstuffs due to the coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam is examining its export capabilities to secure the domestic supply.

Halting rice exports to stabilise food supplies

The Vietnamese government has asked rice exporters to temporarily suspend signing new export contracts in a bid to increase stockpiles and ensure the country’s food supply.

Restaurants offer free delivery amid COVID-19 outbreak

Because of the impact of COVID-19 outbreak, many restaurants in HCM City are struggling and offering free delivery services to attract customers who are eating at home instead of going out.

Food processors thinking outside the box for sales

Vietnamese enterprises are aiming to widen deep processing to diversify products to better serve their export markets.

Virus rouses food safety awareness in Vietnam

Supermarkets and retailers in Vietnam are making bank from the public rushing to stock up on indispensable food supplies, which could ultimately push forward an increase in awareness of food handling and safety.

The government orders inspections to lasso in runaway pork prices

The government ordered the inspection of big pork producers in Vietnam as part the efforts to curb prices, stabilise the market, and rein in inflation in 2020.

Trade deals trigger foreign investments in Vietnam’s food sector

According to forecasts of BMI Research, Vietnam’s food industry is expected to achieve annual growth of 10.9% in 2015-2020.

Two Michelin-starred chef to present 'green cuisine' menu in Hanoi

French Chef Alain Dutournier to introduce special menu at Press Club's La Table du Chef restaurant from November 19 to 23.

Soya sauce – a delicacy of Hung Yen

Tương Bần (soya sauce) has been a delicacy of northern Vietnam since the end of the 19th century.

Argentinean guest chef amazes local gourmets with traditional recipes

For Argentinean guest chef Alberto Curia, who is now in Hanoi to introduce local connoisseurs to the best of his home country’s cuisine, playing the role as a “gastronomy ambassador” is a great honour.

Organic food becomes scarce amid huge demand

Organic food consumption is a growing trend in Vietnam. The more people fear “dirty food”, the more they aware of using clean food.

On-site cooking: A highlight at Danang International Food Festival 2019

President of Worldchefs Thomas A. Gugler will join other 13 talented chefs from around the world at  the upcoming Danang International Food Festival 2019 (DNIFF) .


Trump Kim summit: What food was on the diplomatic menu?

 For a man who likes well-done steaks with a side of tomato ketchup, it was quite a complicated menu.

Food may influence cancer spread

 There is mounting evidence the food on your plate can alter cancer's growth and spread, say Cambridge scientists.

Athletes' perks include scholarships, housing, food, entertainment

 The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has approved a list of coaches and athletes approved for special perks while they prepare upcoming international sports competitions.