foreign arrivals surge over seven-month period picture 1

July alone saw foreign arrivals to the nation reach 352,600, an increase of 49% over the previous month and 47.2 times higher compared to the same period from last year due to the country reopening to international tourism.

Of the figure, passengers arriving by air reached 831,000 arrivals, thereby accounting for nearly 87.1% of the number of international visitors to the nation, a 13.5 fold-rise compared to the number of international visitors from the same period last year.

Visitors arriving via road routes reached 123,300 arrivals, duly accounting for 12.9% and marking a 3.6-fold rise, while 257 tourists arrive in the nation by sea, accounting for 0.03% and representing an increase of 8.9%.

Throughout the reviewed period, the Republic of Korea (RoK) was the country with the largest number of tourists at over 196,000 arrivals, accounting for 22.19% of the total.

The US ranked second with more than 102,000 visitors, making up 11.6% of the total number of tourists to Vietnam, while Cambodia was in third position with 60,000 visitors, accounting for 6.84%.

According to booking data compiled by the RoK’s Yellow Balloon Travel Co., Ltd, Da Nang was the most chosen tourist destination in June with the number of bookings rising by roughly 3,000% compared to May.

Yellow Balloon attributed this rise to factors which make tourists want to choose Da Nang for vacation, including numerous entertainment sites, low cost, reasonable travel schedule, and availability of direct flights.

Source: VOV