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Update news foreign investors in vietnam

Maintaining FIT prices for those who failed to meet deadline and reimplementing nuclear power projects were among issues raised by foreign investors at the Vietnam Business Forum 2022.

Clearing the path for foreign investors in Vietnam

New foreign investment regulations will have a positive impact on foreign investors in Vietnam for the foreseeable future.

Investment screening mechanism: Elusive

The flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) is seeking a safe haven as the Sino-American trade war has yet to show a sign of ending.

Field opens up for bigger M&A deals

Driven by momentum in growth, Vietnam’s mergers and acquisitions market is expected to continue its strong focus on the sectors of consumer goods, retail, realty, and banking in the months to come.

Ministry proposes stricter requirements for foreign investors in Vietnam

The Ministry of Public Security has proposed much higher investment levels for foreign investors who seek to remain in Vietnam for a long period of time.


Richest and brightest flock to Vietnam

Over the past 25 years, American investors have increased their involvement in Vietnam’s financial sector, a trend expected to continue as the country deepens its capital market and young startups look for funding and guidance.

Foreign giants pull components manufacturers to Vietnam

The influx of multinational corporations into Vietnam will help the country become more attractive to many other foreign components suppliers and solidify its position as a global manufacturing hub.


Legal Advice

When establishing a vocational education institution in Vietnam, foreign investors should take notice of certain conditions in order to be granted an Investment Certificate.