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 The State Securities Commission (SSC) is expected to finalise a set of new policies this year.

Foreign investors look for land in HCM City

 VietNamNet Bridge - Many foreign investment funds and real estate traders are looking for land to enter the HCM City real estate market in 2015.

Foreign firms hold beverage aces

The domestic beverage market has seen fierce competition as nearly half the market share last year belonged to foreign firms.

Electronic giants pioneer Vietnam’s support industry

 VietNamNet Bridge – Foreign direct investment has been the catalyst for economic growth in Vietnam over recent years, and capital investment by foreign enterprises continues to set the pace for development of the nation’s support industries.

Education investors move beyond cities

 VietNamNet Bridge – More and more foreign investors in the educational sector have decided to expand their operations in provinces instead of major cities like Ha Noi and HCM City.

Key laws to bring new momentum

 VietNamNet Bridge – Last year the Vietnamese government reviewed and implemented several new policies to bolster the economy, lawyers from LNT Law Firm writes.

Hong Kong pushes aside giants, becomes second largest investor in Vietnam

 Hong Kong surpassed large investors, such as Japan, Singapore and Taiwan to become the second largest investor in Viet Nam last year, according to the Foreign Investment Agency (FIA).

Real estate piques foreign interest

Foreign developers and investors continue to show interest in Vietnamese real estate.

Foreign investment IT system ready

VietNamNet Bridge – As the national foreign investment information system will be enacted in 2015, Foreign Investment Agency director Do Nhat Hoang further explains to VIR’s Ngoc Linh the system’s importance to the authorities and investors alike.

Hong Kong becomes No. 2 investor in Vietnam

 Hong Kong surpassed major investors like Japan, Singapore and Taiwan to become the second biggest investor in Vietnam in 2014 when its enterprises registered huge investments in the property and textile-dyeing sectors.

Vietnam’s dairy industry attractive to local and foreign investors

 VietNamNet Bridge - Still considered attractive, this year Vietnam's dairy market has welcomed many new domestic and foreign investors.

New database set to boost investment

VietNamNet Bridge – Based on the upcoming national foreign investment information system, the quality of inward direct investment to Vietnam could improve, as state authorities should be able to implement better post-licensing monitoring activities.

Investors discouraged about delays in lifting ceiling on foreign-ownership ratio

 VietNamNet Bridge – Foreign investors are concerned about the delay of lifting the ceiling for foreign-ownership ratio in Vietnamese enterprises to October 2015.

Few Vietnamese companies receive tech transfer from foreign companies

 VietNamNet Bridge – Technology transferred through foreign direct investment has not occurred in Vietnam, economists have said.

Foreign investors pour big money into listed companies

 VietNamNet Bridge – Within a short time, foreign institutions and enterprises have announced a series of huge investment deals in Vietnamese-listed companies.

Will transport projects in Vietnam attract foreign investors?

 VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Transport has said that transport projects could be sold to foreign investors, but analysts believe the ministry is being “too optimistic”.

Foreign-invested enterprises receive too many tax incentives: survey

 VietNamNet Bridge – Recent surveys about the tax policies applied to foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) show that Vietnamese have become choosier about foreign direct investment (FDI) and FIEs (foreign-invested enterprises).

Rise in M&A deals stir up nation's property market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the domestic real estate sector have always depended strongly on the property market in the capital city, experts said.

Foreign-investment “super-projects” worth billions set records

 VietNamNet Bridge – Foreign investors have recently announced the development of surprisingly highly capitalized projects. However, analysts warn that Vietnam needs to remain cautious about these “super-projects”.

Foreign investors show declining interest in agriculture sector

 VietNamNet Bridge – Foreign direct investment in Viet Nam's agricultural sector witnessed a sharp decline in the past 15 years, according to figures from the Foreign Investment Agency.