Deputy Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son and a Foreign Ministry delegation visited the Lao Embassy in Hanoi on July 15 for a joint celebration of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Solidarity Year 2017.


Deputy FM Son stressed the significance of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Solidarity Year 2017 during which the two nations mark the 55th anniversary of the bilateral diplomatic ties and the 40-year signing of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation.

The establishment of the diplomatic relations between the two countries on September 5, 1962 opened up a new chapter in bilateral ties, he said, reiterating that the two nations have gave each other whole-hearted support which greatly contributed to the victory of the revolution in both countries.

He also reviewed major milestones in the traditional relations between Vietnam and Laos, highlighting the importance of the Vietnam-Laos Treaty on Amity and Cooperation that serves as a foundation for the development of ties between the two Parties and States.

Deputy FM Son showed his delight at the growing partnership between the two countries in all fields, holding that the activities to celebrate these special joint events will help deepen understanding on the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos among people of both sides, especially the young generations.

On his part, Ambassador Thongsavanh Phomvihane affirmed that the Party, Government and people of Laos always treasure ties with Vietnam and exert every efforts to maintain, reinforce and develop the special relations.

He pledged to continue effectively working with the Foreign Ministry of Vietnam to beef up bilateral ties. He also expressed hope to continue to receive support from the ministry to fulfil his tasks.