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Rice exports enjoy opportunities for breakthrough in 2021

High hopes are pinned on Vietnam’s rice exports in 2021 when major export markets such as the Philippines and Africa continue to sign contracts to buy rice from Vietnam, 

2021 bodes well for mechanical engineering

After suffering a significant fall in revenue last year, the mechanical engineering industry has high hopes for recovery in 2021, given Vietnam’s good COVID-19 control and participation in free trade agreements.

Vietnam sees once-in-a-generation opportunity: Nikkei newspaper

Japan's Nikkei newspaper has run a story highlighting the opportunity for Vietnam to rise stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic is completely controlled.

Vietnamese economy tipped to bounce back in 2021

Many economists have said the Vietnamese economy is set to speed up this year.


List of FTAs joined by Vietnam as of December 2020

List of FTAs joined by Vietnam as of December 2020 in which Vietnam has joined cover most continents. They comprise nearly 60 economies which altogether make up ~90% global GDP.

Top 10 issues that defined the global economy in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a heavy impact on every aspect of life in 2020, and the global economy had been especially hard hit. 

FTAs help attract more foreign investors to Vietnam

Free trade agreements (FTAs) that Vietnam has signed with its partners have been an important factor attracting foreign investments to the country.

Fabric production an issue for Vietnam's textile industry

Fabric production is a challenge for Vietnam's textile and garment industry when it comes to free trade agreements (FTAs) requirements on product origin.


EVFTA will broaden skies for aviation across Vietnam

Never-before-seen activities in Vietnam’s aviation sphere are expected to come to EU businesses soon on the back of the landmark EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement.

EVFTA’s openness poses challenges for Vietnamese retailers

Even as the European Union-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA), which will take effect from August 1, 2020, promises to bring about tremendous opportunities for businesses and consumers of both sides, 

Enjoying incentives, prices of domestically-produced cars to decline

The Government’s decision to offer a zero-import tax rate on automobile components opens significant opportunities for the local industry to lower prices, enhance competitiveness and promote consumption.

Utilisation of EVFTA requires strict clarity

The upcoming bilateral free trade between Vietnam and the EU may be a tough nut to crack unless the country can make thorough preparations for fulfilling commitments in the deal to further its trade and investment with the bloc.

Local fertiliser industry to benefit from EVFTA

Free trade agreements (FTA), including the latest one signed between Viet Nam and the EU, will benefit the domestic fertiliser sector, with more diverse import and export markets, experts said.


Vietnam remains attractive destination to investors

With COVID-19 and trade tensions driving the shift of production lines from China to Southeast Asia, Vietnam, in particular, seems to have emerged as an attractive destination for investors and manufacturers alike, experts have predicted.

Vietnamese economy stays resilient to external shocks: WB

While Vietnam remains significantly exposed to the COVID-19 outbreak and the ongoing turbulence in the global financial markets, its economy stays resilient to external shocks in the first few months of 2020, according to the World Bank (WB).

Rosy signs show bright prospect for rice export

Vietnam is enjoying strong growth in both rice export volume and value, and more export chances are still ahead as some FTAs have come into force and consumers around the globe are boosting purchase to ensure food security.

Vietnam’s garment-textile expects boom in 2020

Vietnam’s garment-textile sector is expected to make breakthroughs in 2020 thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Fruit exporters eye Vietnamese market

With a growing middle class and high GDP growth, Vietnam has become an ideal market for foreign fruit exporters, experts have said.

Complying with origin rules critical for garment exports

To take advantage of free trade agreements and expand exports, meeting rules of origin is crucial for the garment and textile sector, industry insiders have said.

Origin fraud hurts Vietnamese steel in the long run

International free trade agreements have opened up unprecedented opportunities for Vietnamese steelmakers with the industry forecast to see robust growth.