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The development of industrial areas, international standard schools, and hospitals in Vietnam has raised the need for industrial catering, which creates a potential market for the distribution and production of industrial-grade kitchen equipment.

Apple turns green light on for resellers to cut iPhone prices

The selling price of officially distributed iPhone 11 6GB quoted by authorized resellers is just VND600,000 higher than unofficially distributed products.

Backed by distribution giant, could Nokia threaten Apple in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - With support of The Gioi Di Dong, the largest mobile phone distribution chain in Vietnam, Nokia is expected to make things happen again in Vietnam.

Southeast Asian consumers continue to snap up media tablets: GfK

Media tablets continue to be in strong demand across the Southeast Asia countries in 2014 as consumers bought over 3.6 million of the popular gadget in the first four months of 2014.