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Global minimum tax impact on Vietnam requires thorough assessment

The Government has requested the Ministry of Finance to evaluate the impact of a global minimum effective corporate tax on the nation’s budget revenue and foreign investment attraction, and on foreign investors.

New tax gives Vietnam incentive to adjust

Businesses in Vietnam want preparations to be intensified for the upcoming introduction of a global minimum corporate tax rate.

Vietnam adjusting policies to adapt to global minimum corporate income tax

Vietnam is studying and adjusting its investment policies to adapt to the global minimum corporate income tax which is scheduled to be applied from 2024, said Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc.

Vietnam to develop policies to adapt to global minimum tax

Vietnam will adjust investment policies to adapt to the global minimum tax rate and remain an attractive destination for investment.

Global Minimum Tax a head-scratcher for Vietnamese policymakers

As many countries plan to adopt the Global Minimum Tax Rate (GMTR) in 2024, experts are concerned that the entry into force of the rate would discourage foreign companies from locating their operations in low-tax countries.

Will Vietnam lose advantages to attract FDI with the global minimum tax?

The introduction of the global minimum tax will reduce competition in attracting investment in developing countries, which mainly rely on tax incentives to attract foreign direct investment (FDI).

Global minimum tax is a challenge, but also huge opportunities for Vietnam: expert

The global minimum corporate income tax, initiated by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), means enterprises with annual revenues of 750 million euros

With a global minimum tax, how will Vietnam keep investors?

Vietnam will have to solve a difficult problem: How to raise the minimum tax rate to 15% but still keep the FDI inflows into Vietnam.

Global minimum tax: which option is best for Vietnam?

A special working group of the Prime Minister will be established to deal with issues related to the global minimum tax.

Big countries set new tax rules, Vietnam has to weigh pros and cons

The fact that rich countries want to impose a global minimum tax of 15 percent has put Vietnam in an awkward situation. Vietnam would be able to collect bigger taxes but this could discourage multi-national enterprises.