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The highlight of Gia Lai Culture - Tourism Week 2023 is the Gong Culture Festival.

The Gia Lai Culture and Tourism Week 2023, which took place in Pleiku City and Ia Grai and Chu Pah districts on November 11-19,  includes many unique and attractive cultural - sports - tourism events and activities such as: Ceremony to announce and receive the Certificate of Special National Monument for Roc Tung - Go Da and announcement of National Treasure of An Khe Paleolithic tool collection; Gia Lai Gong Culture Festival; Gia Lai City Trail 2023; Wild Sunflower - Chu Dang Ya Volcano Festival; The dugout boat racing festival on the Po Ko River to compete for the A Sanh Cup and the Gong Cultural Festival of Ia Grai district.

More than 1,000 artisans of 22 artisan groups from 5 Central Highlands provinces including Gia Lai, Kon Tum, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, and Lam Dong gathered at the Gia Lai Provincial Museum to recreate the village space on the occasion of holidays such as restoring rituals, traditional festivals, folk arts activities, traditional cuisine, knitting, weaving, and sculpting statues.

As the host, Gia Lai made a good impression on other provinces with its unique ceremonies, including the restoration of the "Victory Celebration" ceremony of the Gia Rai people in Chu Puh district, the living space of Gia Rai people such as sculpting statues, weaving, playing gongs, dancing, singing folk songs...

The highlight of Gia Lai Culture - Tourism Week 2023 was the Gong Culture Festival. In particular, the Street Festival attracted special attention from people in the province as well as tourists from all over the country. Throughout the bustling streets of Pleiku, the sound of gongs mixed with the graceful sinus rhythm brought people and tourists new and attractive experiences.

This is the third Gong Culture Festival of Gia Lai province. The event contributed to raising awareness and responsibility of authorities at all levels and ethnic minorities in Gia Lai province as well as in the Central Highlands in general in preserving, promoting, and honoring the value of the Central Highlands gong cultural space, which has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity; creating cultural exchange, solidarity, and mutual understanding among peoples in the region.

The event not only honored the unique cultural values of each ethnic group but also connected communities together, promoting the identities of regions and peoples, creating intense vitality in the Central Highlands.

Khanh Vy