Attending the training session (April 20) were Ms. Y Ngoc - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee, Head of the Human Rights Steering Committee of Kon Tum province; Mr. Trinh Khac Cuong - Deputy Director of the Provincial Police, Deputy Head of the Standing Committee of the Human Rights Steering Committee of Kon Tum province; Ms. Thieu Thi Huong - Director of the Protestant Department, Government Committee for Religious Affairs...

Ms. Y Ngoc - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Human Rights Steering Committee of Kon Tum province.

Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Y Ngoc said: In recent years, the socio-economic situation, national defense and security in Kon Tum province have been basically stable, no incidents or complicated problems have occurred. "hot spot" or causing bad public opinion among the people. The implementation of social security policies, ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities, and freedom of belief and religion are emphasized; The work of supporting workers, creating jobs after the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, social protection, protecting children and vulnerable groups, and people with meritorious services achieved many positive results.

Ms. Y Ngoc assessed that this is an important conference to foster knowledge, raise awareness and responsibility of all levels, branches, socio-political organizations and especially leaders and officers on duty. continue to direct, advise, and carry out human rights work in the province, and at the same time effectively serve the work of preventing, detecting, and fighting against activities that take advantage of, slander, and distort Vietnam's human rights situation. Male.

At the conference, delegates heard information from the presenter on the following topics: The UN Human Rights Mechanism and its impacts on the human rights situation in Vietnam. Practice of fighting and dialogue on human rights through bilateral and multilateral forums; CERD Convention (Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) and the rights of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. The problem is to eliminate outdated customs and practices, ensure the rights of ethnic minorities, and contribute to improving people's intellectual and material and spiritual lives; Ensuring freedom of belief and religion and some experience in fighting the activities of Protestant subjects against Vietnam.

Training conference on human rights work in Kon Tum province.

In his closing speech, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Y Ngoc emphasized that human rights work is still the main direction that hostile reactionary forces exploit to pressure and promote "self-transformation" factors in the country. internally and inciting opposition. Therefore, departments, branches, branches, People's Committees of districts and cities, especially member agencies of the Steering Committee, need to focus on implementing both aspects of protecting and fighting for human rights in the following areas: raise awareness, ensure the promotion of human rights, information and propaganda about human rights and fight against plots and activities that take advantage of democracy and human rights issues to sabotage Vietnam.

This is the task of all levels, sectors and the entire political system. Human rights training for grassroots officials needs to be carried out regularly to raise and unify awareness of human rights issues. Human rights work must closely combine "building" and "fighting", maintaining internal stability, socio-economic development, and ensuring human rights in all political, economic, and social fields. society and culture to create a solid basis for the fight against slander and distortion of hostile forces.

Thai An