Many users in Ho Chi Minh City told VietNamNet on February 16 that they had trouble due to the error on Google Maps. Dien Bien Phu is a major road in Vietnam’s largest city, running through many urban districts.

In several cases, the name Dien Bien Phu appears as a background layer and the name Vo Nguyen Giap on the foreground one, depending on the operation of users on their mobile devices.

“When searching for information about Dien Bien Phu Street, the results are still accurate. However, looking at the map, the route that should have been Dien Bien Phu has a different name. This causes many difficulties for people who are not familiar to traffic in HCM City like me”, said Chi Anh, a student from Hanoi.

The error occurred simultaneously on the Google Maps website and the Android map app.

A representative of the HCM City Department of Transport told VietNamNet that the city did not make any change in the name of these street.

A media representative of Google in Vietnam told VietNamNet that Google had acknowledged the error and was verifying and fixing it.

Trong Dat - Nhu Sy