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Vietnam emerged as most digital of all ASEAN economies: Google & Temasek

Vietnam’s internet economy is booming, as it reaches for US$12 billion in 2019 on a 38% annualized growth rate since 2015, and projected to increase to US$43 billion by 2025.

Homegrown challenger to Facebook

With the launch of the social network Lotus, VCCorp. is ­trying to reshape the domestic advertising market currently dominated by Facebook and Google, and to give more benefits to content creators.


Cross-border corporate taxation remains a challenge for VN

Though the revised tax administration law passed by the National Assembly takes into account the management of cross-border business, charging taxes on these business activities is not a simple task.


Vietnamese social networks thrive amid Facebook dominance

Since the beginning of 2019, there have been three social networks established in Vietnam.

Google-backed digital program set to benefit 500,000 participants

The "Vietnam Digital 4.0" program initiated by Google is to provide digital skills training courses for 500,000 workers at small and medium - sized enterprises in Vietnam.


Harmful videos account for a half of YouTube's advertising revenue

YouTube keeps denying that it is abetting the spread of harmful videos in Vietnam, although half of its revenue comes from the advertisements running on these videos.

Hoi An Lantern Full Moon Festival receives tribute on Google homepage

A stunning illustration of the ancient city of Hoi An appeared on on July 16 to mark the city’s Lantern Full Moon Festival.

Google marks Hoi An’s Full Moon Lantern Festival

Google Doodle today, July 16, features the central province of Quang Nam’s Hoi An City with stunning colourful lanterns in full moonlight.

Google surprises world by talking for international tax framework

After coming under fire across the globe for tax evasion, Google finally raised its voice about the issue.

Cross-border service providers must comply with local law: Minister

All foreign firms, especially cross-border service providers such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like, must comply with Vietnamese law while operating in the country, stated Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.


Enforcing copyrights on social media in Vietnam

Spending on online advertising in Vietnam in 2018 reached $550 million, including Facebook’s $235 million, Google’s $152 million, and the remaining $150 million divided among local advertising firms.

New law strengthens tax collection from social network providers

The revised Law on Tax Management, passed by the National Assembly, sets out regulations to collect taxes from Google, YouTube, Facebook and the like from July 1 next year, even if they do not open representative offices in Vietnam.


Google, YouTube’s violations of Vietnam’s laws announced

Accordingly, Google was found to loosely manage contents, not control ads on YouTube clips and Google Adsense network, allow users to buy ads directly from YouTube and Google without the involvement of domestic ads agents.


Vietnam could follow up EU social media slapdown

In fact, both Facebook and Google have been using content of entertainment and news articles, so thanks to this, gaining hundreds of millions of US dollars in annual advertising revenue in Vietnam.

Vietnamese sell Huawei phones after US imposes ban on company

The news that Google has canceled cooperation with Huawei has raised concern that Huawei phones cannot be updated with Android software.

Netflix to be accused of tax arrears in Vietnam

Local competitors are complaining about Netflix which they claim is dodging its tax obligation and does not supervise content in line with Vietnamese laws, reported VN Investment Review.

Facebook, Google, YouTube remove offensive content following Vietnam’s request

Global tech giants namely Facebook, Google, and YouTube have deleted from its platforms a number of offensive content at the request by the Vietnamese government.

Poor student earns PhD, becomes first drone manufacturer in Vietnam

He once earned his living by picking up trash on Nhieu Loc Canal, failed the university entrance exam and had to go to intermediate school, but later got a scholarship to study in the US and obtained master’s and doctoral degrees.

Vietnam minister wants local social networks to compete with Facebook, Google

 The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) expects Vietnamese social networks to have the number of users equivalent or higher than that of Facebook in Vietnam (60 million) and take 60 - 70% of the market by 2022.

Google: An A to Z of search results

 Google now handles more than three billion searches a day. The vast majority are for complete words or phrases. But premature pushes of the enter key mean many end up being for single letters too.