Tien Sa Port in Danang, one of the most important ports of central Vietnam. – Photo: Nhan Tam/SGT

According to the resolution, the industry has posted positive results amid difficulties, elevating the role of logistics in the economy. Data showed Vietnam’s imports and exports in 2021 totaled US$668.5 billion and the figure rose to over US$700 billion this year thanks to the logistics sector.

The poor connectivity among the commerce, traffic and technology infrastructure has gradually eroded the performance of the logistics industry.

The Government tasked the Transport Ministry to join hands with other ministries, agencies and local authorities to advance more traffic components in the national master and regional plans. Traffic infrastructure should be developed in tune with logistic centers, inland container depots, and bonded warehouses.

In addition, cutting costs and improving service quality should be centered on maximizing the use of multi-modal and cross-border transport. Green logistics remains a centerpiece while developing transportation trading platforms is fixed on e-commerce.

Source: SGT