Chính phủ đã làm việc rất “đều tay” trong suốt nhiệm kỳ qua

Deputy Nguyen Anh Tri.


The National Assembly on March 29 discussed the President and the Government’s working reports for the 2016-2021 term.

Speaking to the National Assembly, deputy Nguyen Anh Tri gave many compliments for the success in the past term, which created stability in the whole society. He said: "Personally, I am a Vietnamese citizen, like many other people I’m very confident and happy to live in our loving country. We are proud to be the people of Vietnam!"

Deputy Tri said that one of the most basic reasons for the country’s development and stability is that Vietnam has a State "for the people" with the leaders who work "for the people". The Government has worked very well during the past term. All cabinet members made great efforts for the people "so that no one will be left behind", Tri said.

Tri said that the State President has been the center of solidarity, is the flag to gather the nation, and is the person who initiates the national proud. “The people were extremely grateful when they learned about the domestic and foreign affair activities in which the President was involved in recent years," he said.

Tri said that thanks to the spirit of solidarity and unity, Vietnam - a country with limited resources - has achieved anti-epidemic miracles. Every time Covid-19 broke out in the country, thousands of health workers immediately rushed to the epidemic area; thousands of police officers were present at pandemic hotspots to help people fight epidemic; and thousands of border guards worked hard to prevent illegal entries.

The spirit of "fighting the epidemic like fighting an enemy" was not just a slogan but in loved concentric actions.

According to Tri, the problems of wasteful Ness and corruption still exist but the Government and the entire people unanimously fight against these. The Government’s determination to eliminate these has built up the people’s trust.

The State President successfully completes his term

Chính phủ đã làm việc rất “đều tay” trong suốt nhiệm kỳ qua

Deputy Luu Binh Nhuong


Deputy Luu Binh Nhuong of the Mekong Delta province of Ben Tre highly praised the role of the State President, who has successfully completed his task during the term. The President called for the national unity to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, which was highly appreciated by the voters and the people.

During the term, the Government has obtained very important successes, successfully implemented the tasks for the 2016-2021 period while overcoming the problems and difficulties left by the previous term.

Citing the latest information that Vietnam was in the top 10 of countries with the best economic growth and the top 40 economies in the world that are developing well, Nhuong said that this success was contributed largely by the Government.

However, he pointed out a number of limitations and some cases occurring during the term that have not been thoroughly resolved, causing public frustration, particularly land-related issues.

Nhuong proposed some issues: paying more attention to legal education and dissemination, appraisal of law projects, legal documents and examination of legal normative documents. Strongly maintaining discipline, researching, building and enforcing law, and intensifying inspection and examination of law implementation. Stepping up administrative reform. Focusing on solving people and voters' petitions, handling complaints and denunciations, executing administrative judgments to protect the rights and interests of the people, businesses and the interests of the State. Completely handling unprofitable projects.

Other issues include: strengthening environmental protection, urgently developing the project to plant 1 billion trees, being cautious in implementing urban planning along the banks of the Red River.

Tran Thuong - Thu Hang

NA deputies give ‘marks’ to high-ranking leaders

NA deputies give ‘marks’ to high-ranking leaders

National Assembly’s deputies have recognized the contribution of high-ranking leaders in ‘rowing and steering’ the country to overcome difficulties and gain many achievements.