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Graduates lack necessary soft skills for employment

Enterprises located in key economic areas of the south where the industry and supporting services are developing have raised concerns over the lack of soft skills of graduates despite the enhanced co-operation between universities and enterprises.

Graduates struggle to find employment

 VietNamNet Bridge – Hundreds of thousands of graduates fail to find jobs and yet businesses say they face a shortage of skilled employees.

Why are university graduates returning to their hometowns?

VietNamNet Bridge –  Young professionals with foreign master’s degrees and doctorates can now be found working at rice fields and livestock farms instead of air-conditioned offices.

Graduates battle tough job market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Tens of thousands of young college and university graduates in the Central Highlands are struggling to find good jobs and are having to resort to menial or low-skilled labour.

Large portion of unemployed are college grads

 VietNamNet Bridge – About 25-30% of the 10,000 unemployment beneficiaries in Hanoi are university graduates and post-graduates.

Graduates caught in acute job crisis

 VietNamNet Bridge – It has been nine months since Bui Thu Hang, a former student of the Ha Noi School of Public Health graduated.

Studying for MA degree – choice of unemployed graduates

 VietNamNet Bridge – More and more university graduates return to school to study further for master’s degree, simply because they cannot find stable jobs.

The prices of talents

Hanoi, Da Nang and then Can Tho and Ca Mau provinces have stated they will offer high salaries and good working conditions to the talented experts who agree to work in the localities and devote themselves to the local socio-economic development.

Hanoi hopes to attract talents by offering sky high salaries

Hanoi has decided that it can pay the salaries 20 times higher than the usual levels in order to attract talents. This is one of a series of new policies laid down by the city’s authorities after the Capital Law took effects on July 1.

Staying unemployed, university graduates rush for higher education

While waiting for the job opportunities to come, unemployed university graduates attend training courses to obtain master degrees, hoping that higher education would bring better jobs.

MOET vows to protect students, teachers from getting outraged

Students would be fined VND5-20 million for their behaviors of insulting teachers’ dignity, while teachers would be fined VND3-5 million for the behaviors of abusing learners.

Bachelors remain redundant, unskilled workers much in demand

While universities and junior colleges report the high percentages of graduates who can find jobs, job centers and local labor departments have reported the increasingly high unemployment rate.

Working from home a growing tendency in 2013

Instead of seeking long term personnel, businesses nowadays tend to hire short term workers for seasonal production in an effort to cut down expenses.

“School is the only way for you” – expert tells the youth

Young people have no more choice than going to school and developing the country with deep knowledge, instead of depending on the natural resources.