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Commercial banks have warned that the credit flow may get stuck when the new regulation on debt classification takes effects on June 1, 2013.

Subscribers grow in crisis, 3G swims “against the current”

VietNamNet Bridge – The slow growth of the telecom subscribers in 2012 has been attributed to the economic crisis. However, in such a crisis, 3G services still made a big leap.

The most outstanding features of the banking sector in 2012

The best thing of the 2012 is the stabilization of the dong/dollar exchange rate. The worst is the bad business performance of commercial banks.

Big guys fall into the “overheating growth trap”

The biggest blunder made by Mai Linh, Thai Hoa, TNG or HQC, the giants in their business fields, was that they were burning to make investments to expand business. The overly hot development has made them lose control and fall into the default.

Interest rate down by one percent, but VND remains attractive

The decision by the State Bank of Vietnam to slash the ceiling deposit interest rate by one more percent is believed to make no upheaval to the monetary market. The local currency would still be attractive in the eyes of Vietnamese.

Mobile network operators deny involvement in eavesdropping

Mobile network operators have affirmed that they have no involvement in the wiretapping operation or call and message copying, and that all the personal information of subscribers have been kept confidential.