At the meeting.

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the northeast region of Vietnam, which borders Yunnan province of the People's Republic of China to the north.

In recent years, exchange and cooperation activities have always been interested, maintained and promoted by Ha Giang province and Yunnan province. Agencies at all levels of the two sides have also established exchange and cooperation mechanisms appropriate to actual needs and conditions, contributing to improving understanding, friendship, and promoting practical cooperation between the two sides in all fields.

The Department of Foreign Affairs of Ha Giang province recently held a meeting with a delegation from the Foreign Affairs Department of Yunnan province (China) in Meo Vac district, Ha Giang.
Attending the meeting were Mr. Do Quoc Huong, Director of the Ha Giang Department of Foreign Affairs, officials of Meo Vac district, representative of Ha Giang Border Guard Command. Representatives of Yunnan province included Mr. Vuong Wei, Deputy Director of the Yunnan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and other officials.

Regarding coordination between the foreign affairs agencies of the two sides, they have coordinated to successfully organize the 3rd conference for the Provincial Party Secretaries of the 5 provinces of Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien (Vietnam) and Yunnan province (China) and the 9th meeting of the Joint Working Group of the five above provinces in late March 2023 in Ha Giang.

In terms of border management cooperation, the two sides have coordinated well to handle incidents that arise on the border, deploy construction, and supervise the construction of border works in accordance with bilateral regulations and agreements to ensure the stability of the border area between the two sides.

Regarding border gate development cooperation, there are 3 border gates and 1 opening way on the border between the two provinces, creating favorable conditions to promote immigration activities and economic development exchanges.

Besides the results achieved, border management as well as exchange and cooperation between the two provinces of Ha Giang and Yunnan still have some difficulties and limitations such as: since the restoration of customs clearance at the Xin Man - Do Long border gate on March 30, there have been almost no businesses performing customs clearance for goods; There have been no businesses from both sides participating in passenger and cargo transport activities along the routes the two sides announced to open on August 4; Most of the openings and border markets on both sides have not been resumed operation.

At the talks, representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ha Giang province and the Foreign Affairs of Yunnan province spent a lot of time discussing and reached agreements on a number of contents such as: The two sides continue to thoroughly grasp the spirit of the "Vietnam - China Joint Declaration on Continuing to Deepen and Elevate the Comprehensive Strategic Cooperative Partnership, Building a Vietnam - China Community of Shared Future with Strategic Meaning”;

Continue to urge, guide and promote agencies and localities of both sides to implement the common perceptions reached at the 3rd Annual Conference among Provincial Party Secretaries of Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien provinces (Vietnam) and Yunnan Province (China) and the 9th meeting of the Joint Working Group of the five above provinces; 

Promote the border management agencies of each side to discuss and agree on the application of flexible management measures to increase the flow of vehicles and types of goods cleared through the border gates of both sides;

Promote relevant agencies, units and localities of the two sides to strengthen cooperation in cross-border labor management according to the agreement between the two sides, meeting practical needs for labor and employment in border areas of both sides;

The Department of Foreign Affairs of Ha Giang province and the Department of Foreign Affairs of Yunnan province agreed to advise the governments of each side to direct relevant agencies to continue to thoroughly and strictly implement the three legal documents on borders on the mainland of Vietnam - China; coordinate in the management of borders, landmarks, border gates, openings, border markets, and organize the construction of border works according to regulations...

Yen Minh