A flooded street in Vung Dang Urban Area.

Lying in two wards of Yet Kieu and Cao Xanh, Vung Dang was the first urban area in Ha Long City that used reclaimed land from the sea in 2005.

However, the new urban area has constantly faced serious flooding, especially during rising tides. Sometimes houses and roads here are up to one metre under flood water, and the situation is getting worse.

A local resident, Vu Thi Van, said that some years ago, flooding used to occur once or twice a year, but now they suffer from more serious inundation whenever the tide rises or it rains heavily.

"We’ve complained to the investors as well as to the Ha Long City People's Committee but no solutions have been proposed," she said.

According to some residents, Vung Dang Urban Area was built on wetland. Although the investor filled the area to make proper ground for the project, it has subsided by between 0.2-1 metres.

Explaining the situation, Nguyen Duc Ba, director of the 507 Construction Company which is the project's investor, said that the flooding was mainly caused by land subsidence.

“This is reclaimed land and although we had made a very high ground level before building, the land has subsided over the past 20 years,” he said.

A representative from Ha Long City People's Committee said that they have received complaints about the flooding from residents at Vung Dang Urban Area and have asked the investors to fix the problems within the first quarter of 2022.

However, none of the measures so far have fixed the problem.

Source: dtinews