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The classrooms of Cua Van FLoating Fishing Village in Ha Long Bay sink in September, 2023. Photo by Tienphong.

According to the Ha Long Bay Management Board, the suspension of Cua Van Floating Culture Centre will start from April 25.

Meanwhile, sightseeing activities in Cua Van fishing village area and experiences such as boat rowing and kayaking are still being held for travellers.

Cua Van Floating Culture Centre is the place for displaying documents and images about the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of fishermen in Ha Long City. This is the first floating culture centre model in Vietnam.

The centre has severely deteriorated.

Last year, the classrooms of Cua Van FLoating Fishing Village sank.

Named among the most beautiful fishing villages in the world, Cua Van has been seriously degraded recently. Cua Van used to be home to more than 170 households who depend mainly on fishing for their livelihoods.

In 2017, the village made it into the list of the top 30 travel destinations around the globe, as voted on by readers of United States magazine Travel + Leisure.

To protect the bay environment, Ha Long authorities have relocated thousands of residents onland.

In 2017, Ha Long Bay’s management board restored the village. However, since then, the village has not been repaired or upgraded, leading to its deterioration.

The weathering and lack of human care means the floating houses in Cua Van are gradually becoming ghost houses.