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Update news Hai Duong hotspot

The Ministry of Health reported the discovery of five fresh COVID-19 cases on March 7, including one in the biggest coronavirus epicenter of Hai Duong, and four imported cases in Kien Giang and Hanoi.

Two more imported Covid-19 patients confirmed on Sunday morning

Two more people have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 in Vietnam, raising the total number of patients in the country to 2,509, the Ministry of Health reported on Sunday morning.

Vietnam records zero new COVID-19 cases, with 1,920 recoveries

The nation detected no additional COVID-19 infections on the morning of March 5, leaving the overall number of cases unchanged at 2,488, according to the Ministry of Health.

Using technology, farmers no longer need produce 'rescue' campaigns

Vietnamese farmers often call on consumers to ‘rescue’ farm produce when there is an oversupply and sales are slow. But the use of e-commerce platforms has changed that.

Scrap collector, grocery owner and a second-rate vehicle: all used to help others in Covid hotspot

A man earning his living as scrap dealer in Cam Giang district has transported food and foodstuff to provide to thousands of people in the Covid-19 Hotspot on his old motorbike.

Student volunteers experience memorable trips to epidemic hotspots

At 9 am, an ambulance left Field Hospital No 1 in Hai Duong province, carrying a group of students to a site in Chi Linh City where they needed to take samples for tests for SARS-nCov-2.

No new COVID-19 infections recorded on early February 25, 1,804 recoveries

The Ministry of Health posted no new locally-transmitted COVID-19 cases on the morning of February 25, keeping the national tally at 2,412, while the total recoveries reached a total of 1,804 .

Individuals found making false statements, hindering fight against Covid-19

An official in Hai Duong, a female teacher in Hai Phong, and other individuals have evaded medical declarations or given false information, violating the regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control.

On-demand Covid-19 test services available, service fees vary

Some hospitals have begun providing on-demand Covid-19 test services in response to high demand.

Hai Duong hotspot: unsold chickens are being used to feed fish

Farmers in Yet Kieu commune, the largest chicken breeding center in the north which can provide 100,000 birds a day, are facing serious problems because of restrictions on travel to other areas because of a Covid outbreak in the province.

Handling goods from Covid-19 epicenter: provinces have differing practices

Each province is setting its own rules on dealing with vehicles and goods from the Covid-19 epicenter in Hai Duong, which is under economic duress.

Hai Phong to apply social distancing in COVID-19 hit areas

Social distancing measures will be implemented in areas of northern Hai Phong city which have recorded new COVID-19 patients, according to the city’s leaders at an urgent meeting held on February 22.

Hai Duong city's police prosecute case of spreading contagious disease to others

Police of Hai Duong city in the norther province of the same name on February 22 decided to start legal proceedings against a case of “spreading contagious disease to others”, which occurred at No.15 Tran Sung Dinh, Hai Tan ward, Hai Duong city.

HCM City sends medical workers to coronavirus hotspot

Cho Ray Hospital in HCM City dispatched its medical quick-response team and much needed equipment to Hai Duong Province, the epicentre of the latest COVIDID-19 outbreak, early on Saturday.